There are a fair few products that, whenever we post about on social media, will receive more attention than usual from the Boysen community. Among products like Boysen Plexibond and Boysen Automotive Lacquer, there will also usually be several inquiries about Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion B-700. We have decided to collate all your frequently asked questions about it and compile them here in one helpful list!

What is the purpose of using Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion B-700?

Boysen Acrylic Emulsion is a water-based, acrylic coating that serves as a barrier against dampness on concrete surfaces. It acts as a sealer so that the moisture from the concrete will not seep through and damage your paint.

Remember, moisture on your concrete surface can cause paint problems down the line. Blistering and peeling paint are prime examples of what can happen when there is excessive moisture on your room walls.

What are scenarios where I can use it?

Say you have two rooms side by side sharing a common concrete wall. One room is air-conditioned. In some cases, the shared wall of the other room becomes moist because of the air-conditioned one. Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion will be useful for the wall that becomes damp.

If, however, on the other side of the damp wall is an exterior surface, it’s recommended that you treat the exterior wall instead with a waterproofing system (such as Boysen Plexibond) rather than completely relying on Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion. After all, heavy rains are a world away from just dampness because of an AC.

If you’re putting up wallpaper, you can protect it from moisture by applying Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion beforehand as well.

Frequently Asked Questions: Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion | MyBoysen

Where, when, and how should I apply it?

Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is used on interior concrete surfaces. It is applied after the primer (such as Boysen Permacoat Flat Latex B-701) and before the topcoat (such as Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex). In this way, it can stop moisture before it can reach your paint.

You can apply Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion with a brush, roller, or airless spray. Two coats are sufficient with 2 hours of drying time in between.

Can I use it as a topcoat for a glossy finish?

No. Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is not meant to be used as a topcoat. Many wrongly assume that it can as it is clear and transparent with a glossy finish. However, as mentioned, Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is applied in between the primer and topcoat.

If you’re tempted to still do so, know that when used as a final coat, Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion tends to yellow within a few weeks or months. Not very aesthetically pleasing, right? To get the best results, always follow manufacturer recommendations.

How does it differ from Boysen Acrytex Sealer?

Both Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion and Boysen Acrytex Sealer provide added protection against moisture. The latter, however, is part of the Boysen Acrytex painting system (meaning it’s the recommended sealer for when you’re also using Acrytex primer, topcoat, and putty).

Boysen Acrytex Sealer is also solvent-based and can be used on exteriors. Our paint experts recommend that you use this sealer if you live in humid and cold areas like Baguio. Apply it on a bare concrete surface then follow the recommended painting schedule for Boysen Acrytex.

Can I use it on wood as a sealer and for added water protection?

No. Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is only for use on concrete surfaces such as room walls. For sealing and providing added water protection on wood surfaces, Boysen has other products you can check out including the previously mentioned Boysen Acrytex Sealer.

Frequently Asked Questions: Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion | MyBoysen

Can I use it on bare concrete?

No. The concrete surface must first be primed before you apply Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion.

Is it a waterproofing product?

No. Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is not a waterproofing product. For durable and reliable waterproofing, check out Boysen Plexibond.

Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is an effective product that can spare you from the headaches of having to deal with painting problems in the future. Just remember to use it as recommended!

We hope this FAQ guide on Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion will prove to be helpful to you for your next painting projects. If you have additional inquiries on Boysen products or painting procedures, send an email to or call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation with a Boysen Technical Team member. Happy painting!


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  1. Can you recommend a waterproofing CLEAR top coat that can be applied on emulsion? (Other than Permacoat colored latex paint). Thanks for any advice!!!

    • We do not have a product that will meet your requirements.

      BOYSEN Clear Acrylic Emulsion was formulated to be applied in between primer (BOYSEN Permacoat Flat Latex B-701 White) and topcoat (BOYSEN Permacoat Latex). It was not made to be a stand alone clear coat.

      Click here for product details and instructions:

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