If we used a round cookie cutter in a previous DIY video tutorial, this one is how to make a turtle accent wall using a potato masher.

Yes, we are quite fearless in our choice of tools for applying paint. We’ve had so many DIY video tutorials already for different designs on accent walls. Here are a few of them:

Using leaves as stamps
Bubble wrap-patterned wall
Butterfly wall

The main reason why we do this is to show you that DIY projects can be fun. Yes, you do have to follow the correct surface preparation procedure and to use the paint system that Boysen recommends for a successful finish. However, design and tools that you will be using depend on your creative spirit.

Use Googly Eyed Creatures for a Kid’s Room

Google eyes are small plastic items that imitate eyeballs and are used by a lot of crafters to make their illustrated creatures look fun and friendly. We used these for our turtles.

However, there are so many other creatures you can use them on, like a ladybug or even a snowman (just an idea for this Christmas).

How to Make a Turtle Accent Wall Using a Potato Masher | MyBoysen

How to Make a Turtle Accent Wall Using a Potato Masher | MyBoysen

You don’t have to limit yourself to a kid’s room if you want to put googly eyes somewhere else in the house. However personally, they give off such a cute, fun, and youthful vibe that designs for kids come to mind.

Painting Tips for Beginners

If this is your first time to do DIY painting and you want to create something more imaginative than just a plain wall, start with a small area to practice like an accent wall. Of course, accent walls are a way to elevate the design in a room by making the paint color different from the rest of the surfaces. Painting designs on your accent walls can make your space uniquely yours.

1.  Beginner’s Guide on How to Repaint a Room

Boysen Beginner’s Guide: How to Repaint a Room

Here’s a good guide to read first if you are a newbie at DIY painting projects. This teaches you how to examine your wall, choose your paint, prep your wall, all the way up to repainting.

2.  What You Need to Know Before You Start DIY Painting

What To Know Before You Start DIY Painting

Preparing a room prior to {re)painting is very important if you want to make sure that you are not going to have to make extra work for yourself in the painting as well as in the cleaning.

There is a managerial accounting technique DRIFT which stands for Do it Right the First Time. The purpose of doing this is to reduce production delays and boost efficiency. Yeah, I know, it sounds too serious for a DIY project but I do not want you to waste time, effort, and money. Reading through the posts mentioned here, or if you have time, reading the many helpful tips in the blog will be to your benefit.

3.  Boysen Painting 101

This video is a video tutorial on the use of Boysen paint products. It packs a punch in terms of content.  If you’re thinking of doing more DIY painting projects, this is a must see.

Boysen Help Desk

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