We’ve featured Konstrukt Construction Chemicals here in the blog time and again for its superb surface preparation products. The brand carries items such as skimcoats, tile adhesives, renders, gypsum putties, and a lot of other things that you might need for any kind of construction project. Surface preparation is such an important step whether you’re just repainting a wall or constructing a new house from the ground up. Konstrukt has always got you covered. But in case you didn’t know, Konstrukt has also come out with a line of decorative faux finishes that you can create using its standard products, the Konstrukt Lunar Series.

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to Industrial Finishes

There are a total of 9 different faux finishes under the Konstrukt Lunar Series—Kavern, Koastal, Kaza, Koral, Korona, Kaiser, Kashmir, Kanyon, and Kohl. We’ve already discussed Kavern in a previous blog post. This time, we’re highlighting the Koastal finish.

What is Koastal?

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to the Koastal Finish | MyBoysen

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to the Koastal Finish | MyBoysen

The highlight of Koastal is its coarse sand texture. As the name suggests, the finish has the aesthetic of your favorite seaside getaway. It’s a great accent wall for bathrooms and other sunny areas in your home. Get ideas on how to style the Koastal finish with tropical colors and intricate rattan furniture here.

As we’ve mentioned before, working with Konstrukt products may not come as easy as just using regular paint on your walls. It might be better to seek the help of a seasoned or trained professional should you want take on this project.

The Project Checklist

To recreate this look, you’ll need the following products:

  1. Konstrukt Permaplast K-202 High-Performance Acrylic Render
  2. Konstrukt Permaplast K-231 Deco Render
  3. Ordinary Portland Cement

To protect your finish, you have the following options:

  1. Any Boysen Water-based Paint
  2. Boysen Matte Shield B-4600

Aside from the usual renovation items like rags and ladders, you’ll need these as well:

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to the Koastal Finish | MyBoysen

How to Prep Your Walls

Before you start your Konstrukt Lunar Series project, always make sure that the walls you’ll be applying this look onto is prepped properly. Remove any honeycomb and loose concrete. Check and repair all surface defects such as cracks or gaps with corrective civil works. Waterproof as necessary. Make sure to dust off any dirt and that the surface is dry. It’s always a good idea to do the project when the weather is great. It helps with the product’s cure time and it’s good for ventilation during the whole process. Finally, take note that these products should be applied over bare concrete!

How to Achieve the Koastal Finish

Step 01: Stir Konstrukt Permaplast K-202 High-Performance Acrylic Render by using a mechanical mixing device to make sure that the product is lump-free and has the proper consistency.

Step 02: Transfer the mixture into a clean container. Mix in ordinary Portland cement at a 1:1 ratio using a mechanical mixing device until the mixture is blended well. Remember to only prepare enough materials for a 1-hour working period. Do not add water.

Step 03: Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the surface by pressing the edge of the steel trowel firmly on the concrete surface until all areas are covered.

Step 04: Before the applied product completely dries, place a fiber mesh over the mixture as a reinforcing membrane then apply another layer of the mixture. Make sure that the thickness of the applied layer is somewhere between 3mm to 5mm.

Step 05: Spread the mixture evenly using either a plastic or a steel trowel to prevent any unwanted marks and to achieve the desired stucco texture. Allow the product to cure for at least 7 days (depending on weather conditions) before the application of the stucco Koastal finish.

Step 06: Blend Konstrukt Permaplast K-231 Deco Render using the mechanical mixing device to achieve the proper consistency. Only 5% (by volume) of clean water may be added into the mixture, for thinning purposes.

Step 07: Apply the mixture onto the surface by pressing the edge of the plastic trowel firmly until all areas are covered. Spread the mixture evenly to achieve the desired stucco texture then let it dry for at least 30 minutes before applying the second coat, if necessary.

There is no need to neutralize the surface. Let the application cure for at least 7 days before the application of paint and other products.

How to Protect Your Koastal Finish

If you want to preserve the bare, sandy aesthetic of Koastal, just apply 2 coats of Boysen Matte Shield B-4600 onto the surface. This product dries in a clear, matte film to really let the finish of Koastal shine through. But if you want to, you can also paint over the Koastal finish.

Our recommendation would be to apply 2 coats of any factory-mixed color of Boysen Permacoat Latex in Matte finish directly onto the Koastal finish. There’s no need for a primer for this one. Other Boysen water-based paints may also be used as a topcoat, it really depends on the final outcome you’re envisioning for your space.

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to the Koastal Finish | MyBoysenKonstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to the Koastal Finish | MyBoysen

Note: The outcome will depend on the applicator and type of cement used. | Swatch may not match actual paint color.

Again, if you try this don’t forget to take a picture and tag us on Instagram (@boysenpaintsphilippines). We’d love to see how you style this look! If you have more questions about Konstrukt Lunar Series, send us an email at ask@myboysen.com.


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