Kriz is back! For those who are following this blog just now, you may not know her. She’s this joyful and charming bundle of energy and resident crafter who makes Let it B’s DIY projects fun and easy to follow. For this Christmas, we’re gonna be treated to 4 Krizmas crafts, starting with this belen (nativity scene) lightbox.

I wouldn’t say this craft project is a breeze, especially for someone like me who is all thumbs and can get impatient. But it’s certainly doable. And what’s more, it is quite original. You won’t find anything like this in any store.

Belen Lightbox

What’s great about this belen lightbox is that it is minimalist and space-saving, a great idea for those with small homes. #Teamputi peeps should be happy about the colors and the clean look. Just put this nativity scene lightbox on your sideboard and you’ll quickly get the Christmas feels in your home.

This is paper crafting so if you don’t have a Cricut machine, take your scissors out and cut away. Best to let the one who has a steady hand in the family to do the job.

Download the belen template in this link.

Tip: You can retain the wood color and just finish it so that it looks spiffy. Use Kraft paper to keep the monochromatic minimalist look.

Christmas Decors in the Philippines

Christmas is a big thing in the Philippines because most of us are Catholics. Jesus was born in this season and that’s why the belen has a place in most homes and in Pinoy hearts. Aside from the belenI would consider our parol (Christmas star) also very Filipino. It does not matter to me what material it is made of but I really like those made of capiz shell or colored Japanese paper.

Krafty Krizmas: Belen Lightbox | MyBoysen
Saw this on my morning walk. Made me smile.

Another reason why Christmas is big in the Philippines is because we are kids at heart. We love to laugh, sing, dance, and be merry. That’s why we expect JMC to come out with “Whenever I see girls and boys selling lanterns on the streets…” in September and in our Pinoy minds, that’s absolutely fine. We may do a short hiatus during Undas but it’s really ok to break for that for a day or two then continue on with “Ang Pasko ay sumapit...” even if Christmas is weeks away.

And the Pinoy’s love for Christmas is all-encompassing. We sing “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” with as much gusto as “Pasko na naman.” We have parols hanging from trees while Rudolph and his mates are pulling Santa in his sleigh.

More Christmas Crafts

We’ve made several DIY video tutorials for Christmas,which you can find in our YouTube channel Christmas playlist (click on link).

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