We have a line of construction chemicals called Konstrukt that can give you the industrial style with walls that look like concrete. The application requires experts so we don’t recommend this for DIY. What we can recommend however, is to make a faux concrete wall finish using paint.

Watch Dave paint a faux concrete wall that does not require cement or masonry skills. All you need to imitate a concrete wall finish using two Boysen Permacoat Latex paint in two neutral tones. The application is important so watch how Dave does it.

The Industrial Style

The industrial style has been around for some time now. It is still very much a favorite of homeowners because of its modern, edgy feel. Those people who have modern, minimalistic tastes like to have this finish in their living spaces. Because of its subtle textured look, and its materiality, this type of wall finish looks good with different styles of furniture, from vintage to modern.

If you want to have an industrial style for your home interiors, click on the image below.

Achieve an Industrial Interior Design with this Color Palette

Konstrukt Lunar Series

As mentioned, we do have a line of construction chemicals called Konstrukt that can be applied by experts. This product line offers different textures. You have the choice to do something smooth like Dave’s faux concrete wall finish or more textured finishes.

Such a style fits right into the “hyper-texturality,” a trend forecasted by WGSN. According to WGSN’s head of interiors Gemma Riberti, there is a “stronger focus on exaggerated veinings and textures in marble, stone, and wood.” Using such materials comes at a premium so if you don’t have that kind of budget but you want the look, you can consider Konstrukt Lunar Series.

Get Creative With Paint

With the holiday season just around the corner, many of you may be thinking of ways to give your home a fresh look. It’s a good way to greet a new year.

Paint is one of the most cost effective ways to change the look and feel of your home. We have made many DIY video tutorials through the years that you can check out for ideas on how to revamp your home.

We also talk about interior design trends in this link. Although it’s good to inform yourself about what’s new in interior design, I find that it’s best to go back to what you and your family would like. Personally, that’s the only trend worth considering. Besides when it comes to your home, I find that thinking about trends is irrelevant. Unlike clothes, how homes are decorated should last for years. And the priority should be to dress up your home so that it reflects your personality and no one else’s.

So get confident and create a home that fits your personality and your lifestyle to a T.

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