Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. We are again surrounded by the undying symbol and designated colors for love and romance. Printed on chocolate packaging, decorated on cakes, and as emojis all over social media, it’s impossible to go through Valentine’s Day without seeing hearts in varying shades of red and pink.

The color of love is red. Sometimes, it’s also pink. I’m not arguing with that. Instead, I’m making a case as to how other colors can also join the red-and-pink-only ensemble every Valentine’s Day. What I want is to give other hues a chance to convince you that they can be representatives for love as well. Love, after all, comes in all shapes and sizes. So, we can assume it comes in all colors too, right?

Love is Aqua and Teal

More Than Red and Pink: The Other Colors of Love | MyBoysen

In a lot of ways, love is like the sea. It has moments of calm, where the stillness is almost meditative, and bursts of excitement that thread the line between awe-inspiring and terrifying. Love is riding the waves and working with the tides. On the surface, it might just seem like a lot of water. But, dive deep enough, look in the right places, and you find hidden marvels.

Aqua and teal are colors of the sea. They are also energized versions of blue. As blues, aqua and teal remain as calming colors, but because they are brighter, they’re also invigorating and just the right amount of exciting. Soothing and awakening at the same time! A little like love, don’t you think?

Love is Terracotta

More Than Red and Pink: The Other Colors of Love | MyBoysen

Reds are abundant on Valentine’s Day but not so in its earthier shade terracotta. Warmer than your bright reds, terracotta is a grounding and stabilizing color. It has seen a lot and has been through a lot. It is also a patient color. It nurtures small seeds so they grow into towering trees.

Terracotta has a more mature quality to it which I think is a good representation of a love tested by time and trials. In pottery, some clays are hardened in kilns with fires that reach 1,000℃. After this process, they truly become not just functional pieces but also works of art honed by years of focused craftsmanship. That’s love right there.

Love is Lemon Yellow

More Than Red and Pink: The Other Colors of Love | MyBoysen

Our planet is just one out of 7 others in our solar system. Our solar system, one out of the 3,200 others in the Milky Way Galaxy. And, the Milky Way? One out of 2 trillion others. As far as we know, we are alone in all this vastness. All we have is each other. What is love then if not bright, bold, and brave like the color yellow?

As countless many others have said, love isn’t a feeling but a choice. When we choose to love, it gives us a place to come home to. It grants us other humans to journey through life with. When it gets daunting and scary, it holds our hand and tells us everything’s going to be okay. Even just a bit of yellow can make a difference in a dull room. Even just a bit of love does the same.

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, I hope it turns out well and leaves you with wonderful memories to treasure.

Note: The colors featured above are available as Boysen paint colors at Boysen Mix and Match stations (find a list of locations here). Colors may differ when viewed through digital screens so remember to take a look at the actual paint swatches in person before having a batch mixed. 

Feature image by Jiroe on Unsplash


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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