Here is newlyweds Carol and Anthony’s wall paint design for a DIY shiplap accent wall.

This is the third episode so if you want to follow Carol and Anthony’s story, click on the links below.
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DIY Shiplap Accent Wall

Wall Paint Design

This paint design is more complicated than the other DIY accent walls we’ve shown in this blog. But it’s definitely doable if you’re the crafty type.

This shiplap wall needs basic carpentry skills, or you can let the hardware or home depot personnel cut the wood for you when you go and buy the materials. Don’t forget to bring the right measurements!

Personally, I would love to have this kind of wall in my beach house (if I had one) because I like the coastal vibe of the paint colors and the distressed effect of the wooden planks.

New Hue New You - Floral Rustic Collage

More Accent Wall Paint Ideas

Not the carpenter type? Here are the instructional videos that I mentioned for DIY accent walls that we did in the past months.

DIY Inspirational Wall by Honey
Faux Wood Textured Wall by Oliver
Rag Rolling Paint Technique by Bea
Faux Denim Wall by the Boarding Boys
Stencil Wall Mural by Mia and Dexter
Mix and Match Accent Wall by Carlo
Chalkboard Calendar Wall by Alex
Ombre Wall by Danica

What’s the purpose of an accent wall, or a statement wall as some people would like to call it? This type of wall paint design is mainly for aesthetics or as a background to a decorative item like a painting that you want to emphasize.

Some interior designers now predict the demise of accent walls. They think that this wall paint design idea is on its last legs. But others don’t think that the accent wall is on it’s way out. Although it may be approached differently, like having texture instead of just having a contrasting wall paint color. An upcoming trend is to paint interior doors to break up the monotony of the walls, or just to add spice to a space.

More Painting Ideas

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