For years now, peeps put quotes on everything, not just putting a card on the fridge with a magnet, or drawing an artwork on paper to hang on walls, or sticking signs on luggage or laptops or phones.  The canvas has gotten bigger. Walls. That’s what people have been doing, including painting their favorite quotes on walls …  to remind themselves to dream big, to be kind, to be THE game changer, or to love themselves …

Honey wants this on her wall. Watch the video to see how she painted her very own message to herself.

Samples of Inspirational Walls

There was a time, maybe ten years ago, when I wanted to have something like these walls in my home.

But laziness got in the way and now I can’t be bothered. The other reason is I have no walls left in my current home because there are paintings hanging on them.

Besides I think that if you’ve got a a very important message to yourself, like Honey with her health issues who’s got this burning desire to get her health back, whatever motivational quote you have that gives you that extra spur is already embedded in your brain. Pero walang basagan ng trip. If you want to have it spelled out so you’ve got a huge reminder, then make it happen ?

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