Since we’re spending more time indoors, we’re getting more creative in finding ways to feel like we’re outside. Some of you may have started creating an indoor garden or have repainted your home with nature-inspired colors. We just crave a space that brings the outside in. If you’re one of those who miss the great outdoors or just miss going out for a stroll, then you’ll find this article useful.

You can recreate your fond memories of your walk on the beach or having a coffee in a crowded café in the comfort of your own home. Just put on your headphones, listen to ambient sounds, and be transported to another time and place.

Here, we put together some color palettes that are inspired by soothing ambient sounds like coffee shop background noise and nature sounds. These are comforting colors that you can use to create a peaceful living space. Read on to find the ambient sound and colors that will make you feel steady and calm.

Find Your Focus with Coffee Shop Ambient Sound

If you work from home, you know only too well the struggle of staying focused especially when your environment is noisy. It could be the loud bark of your neighbor’s dog or the thunderous laugh of your mom as she talks to her friend on the phone. They’re distractions but you can’t just call them out. You can’t prevent your parents from chatting with their friends; they need to stay connected with their amigos and amigas. A dog won’t understand that you need to concentrate on your paperwork. (Cat propaganda: See, this is why I prefer cats, such peaceful and quiet creatures.)

You can drown out the noise and the inner voice that says you’re not good enough with the ambient sound of a coffee shop.

Cultivate a Peaceful Home with Soothing Sounds and Colors | MyBoysen
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I have always wondered why I accomplish more things or read more chapters when I’m in a café. To fabricate that productivity-inducing vibe while at home, listen to coffee shop background noise while you write or read. Color your home with hues that get you in the work zone. Try it and let us know how it goes.

Wind Down with Nature Sounds

Let the screen break commence!

It can be hard to slow down especially if you work from home because the lines between work and rest are blurred. Remember to always take care of your physical and mental health and set healthy boundaries. Resist the urge to be always online. Don’t read work emails outside office hours. Your worth is not measured by your productivity. (I’m not calling out anyone, this is mostly for me.) You have to drill this in your head to avoid work from home burnout.

Cultivate a Peaceful Home with Soothing Sounds and Colors | MyBoysen
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Listen to relaxing nature sounds to give your mind the signal to wind down. Include that in your after-work ritual. As for your visual cue, paint your home with colors that inspire rest.

 Drift Off to Sleep with White Noise

Put your phone away as the light coming from the screen delays the natural production of melatonin—your sleep hormone. If it’s possible, sleep in complete darkness. Taking sleeping pills should be your last resort.

Cultivate a Peaceful Home with Soothing Sounds and Colors | MyBoysen
Images via Unsplash

Paint your bedroom walls with muted hues to create a tranquil space. Try listening to white noise as well. It will block out other noise so you can have a night of uninterrupted sleep. I have included this in my pre-bed routine and it works for me.

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