Heartbreak is a universal experience. We’ve all been there. The questioning, bargaining, and grieving. The nights when we can’t sleep because the pain makes it hard for us to breathe. The self-destructive acts we do to take our minds off the suffering brought about by losing something or someone we thought we could hold and love a little longer. That’s normal. Acknowledging we’re hurt makes us human.

There’s really no way around it. Sometimes we just have to sit in a corner and mope. Healing takes time and some days will be a lot harder than others. There are moments when we try our best to move one step forward but find ourselves taking two steps back instead. But hey, it’s okay. We’re moving and that’s all that matters.

Three Studio B Tearjerkers to Watch For a *Really* Good Cry

On some days, we just need a good cry. A really good one. When the weight of the world is upon us and we’re tired of being the strong one, all we can do is to let our hearts do the talking. One thing you can do is to watch the saddest films to ever exist. The Greatist explains why it helps to watch sad films when we are at our lowest point. The article says, “We may be drawn to sad movies because we tend to feel happier after watching them. These good feelings may result from feeling grateful for the circumstances in our lives or from feeling connected to other people.”

If you feel like there are no more tears left to cry, let this Studio B movie watchlist help you release the heaviness in your heart. Let down the curtains and turn on the AC, grab your popcorn and a box of tissues too, then immerse yourself in a cryfest. Click the images to watch the film.

Camp Sawi (2016)

Studio B Watchlist: The Hugot Playlist

“Sino ba kasing brokenhearted ang maganda? Saksakin ko.” This is just one of the many relatable dialogues in Camp Sawi. Bela Padilla, along with Andi Eigenmann, Yassi Pressman, Kim Molina, and Arci Munoz, takes us to the awful reality of breaking up in this ultimate hugot film of 2016. The five ladies find themselves in a boot camp away from the city, hoping to mend their broken hearts, but discovered more than that.

Join them burn all the remnants of a past love, smash plates, and drink till they drop—whatever it takes to release the hurt. As if the story isn’t heartbreaking enough, they even chose the perfect soundtrack to match it… Spoiler alert! Watch out as Arci sings her own rendition of Malaya in the latter part of the film.

Of All the Things (2012)

Studio B Watchlist: The Hugot Playlist

Way back in 2012, Regine Velasquez and Aga Muhlach reunited in a film about two complete opposites trying to make it work. Aga is a law school graduate afraid of retaking the licensure exam after failing it on his first try. Regine is a liaison officer, to put it nicely, trying to make ends meet with her part-time jobs. When the two thought they had it all together, life gets in the way. But really though, who has it all figured out?

This movie will make you squeal and cry but for a good reason, trust me. Also, no one’s asking, but this film is included in my list of best TV marriage proposals ever. Watch the film if you want to witness it for yourself.

In Your Eyes (2010)

Studio B Watchlist: The Hugot Playlist

In your eyes isn’t your typical green card marriage story. Although it plays a huge part in the film, this 2010 romantic drama tells the story of a hardworking Claudine Barretto who can and will do everything out of love for her younger sister Anne Curtis. Things went mad when a certain storm came into their lives, causing damage to the unbreakable bond of the two sisters. Prepare yourself for a tearful night as this movie teaches us to always choose love despite how tough things are. No matter what form, nationality, and circumstance, we must choose love.

Here are other movies you can watch on Studio B if you haven’t cried enough: When the Love is Gone, Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko, Baler, I’m Sorry My Love.

You will be okay, darling. Like the main characters we’ve mentioned above, you will find the light and that true love too. But for now, knowing that your feelings are understood and that you are not alone in experiencing this kind of journey, would be enough to comfort you.

If you’re in dire need of laughter after crying the whole night, check out this comedy film watchlist.


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