We started pinning our blog mood boards fairly recently. Although we have many more here in the blog, we have been able to pin just a handful to date.

We have enough though to choose the most interesting mood boards you will find in our Boysen Pinterest account.

A Boysen mood board is a visual arrangement of images of paint swatches, materials, furnishings, text, and other elements that represent a design concept, a particular style, as well as a feeling or mood about a specific interior space.

Light Neutral Colors

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#FromHousetoHome: Boysen's Accent Wall Paint Ideas

#FromHousetoHome: Boysen's Accent Wall Paint Ideas

A Color Palette To Make Your Home a Perfect Cocoon | MyBoysen

These three mood boards are perfect for interiors that feel fresh, light, and natural. The blush tones, pale greys, lilacs, taupes and creams are welcoming and sophisticated.

They also fit many types of interior styles like modern rustic, country style, traditional, Scandi, Japandi, or modern. What you have to understand about mood boards is that you can use the colors. Changing color combinations and furnishings can also change the style.

Make use of the seven interior design elements to tweak achieve the style that you want for your living space.

Warm Earthy Colors

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#FromHousetoHome: Boysen’s Accent Wall Paint Ideas#FromHousetoHome: Boysen’s Accent Wall Paint Ideas

These two boards also have neutral colors combined with warm siennas, browns, greys, and blacks, which some consider still neutral. However, the feel of these two boards are much warmer and bolder than the three above under the light neutral colors.

Interiors with these colors would look good with metallic tones like bronze or copper. For example, if you are (re)decorating your bathroom, you can have bronze or copper faucets and other fittings.

The paint colors in these two mood boards would pair well with natural materials like wood, stone, or weaves.

Bubble Gum and Jelly Bean Pastels

Click on the images to see the posts.A Paint Color Palette for a Relaxing Beach Home | MyBoysenThe Bubble Gum and Jelly Bean Pastel Colors | MyBoysen

These colors are light, fun, and nostalgic, bringing back the happy and carefree days of the past. These color palette was popular in the 50s when the world was still rebuilding and defining prosperity after the second world war.

In a way, we are in a similar situation even though the pandemic is far from over. We look for light and bright colors that are not saturated to give us that feeling of tranquility, ease, and peace. These things are hard to come by now when many of us struggle with our means of livelihood. But there are many too who have boldly accepted the challenges and carved a new way of life for themselves.

Research in color psychology has shown that colors affect mood and behavior and can influence stress levels. Manifesting the feelings of lightness through the colors we surround ourselves with in our homes will help us manage ourselves mentally and emotionally through these difficult times.

The Bold Color Palettes of Boysen Color Trend 20/21

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The following mood boards are made based on the color palettes of Boysen Color Trend 20/21.

Color Palette ORIGINS

Boysen Color Trend 2020: Colors that Give Clarity and Hope

ORIGINS has an earthy color palette but it is more surprising than the usual earth colors of browns, siennas and ochres.

The color combination is sophisticated and contemporary and is very much on trend with the longing of people to connect with nature. We see the environmental mindset of an increasing number of people who are living their lives more mindfully. The shift to a more sustainable way of living is what people are embracing, more so now with the pandemic.

If you want to keep your interiors on the lighter side, choose one or two colors from this palette and combine it with light neutrals as shown above.

Color Palette NOSTALGIABoysen Color Trend 2020: Colors that Give Clarity and Hope

The color palette NOSTALGIA brings to mind the 70s and 80s when times were less complicated. Trends show that people are looking into this era and are bringing back that vibe in their homes using the colors that represent that time. For this palette, there is a subtle change in tonality as compared to the bright, neon colors of that era.

This palette is for people who love to experiment and are not afraid to surround themselves with colors that are bright and edgy.

The palette may be based on the past but the tones are definitely modern.

Color Palette KINSHIP
Boysen Color Trend 2020: Colors that Give Clarity and Hope

KINSHIP is a color palette that emits an earthy, tribal vibe. There is nothing bland about this palette despite its mostly earthy tones, which is taken from our own cultural past. Our arts and crafts are testaments to the colorful richness of our culture and this is what the palette is tapping.

The mood board also illustrates how this color palette would look like when combined with local weaves and patterns. So go ahead, embrace what is ours.

Color Palette METABoysen Color Trend 2020: Colors that Give Clarity and Hope

The META color palette is based on an aspirational world view of using science and technology to serve the needs of humanity and our habitat.

The palette is primarily made up of cool colors. Soften it with bringing biophilic design into your interiors.

The pandemic has caused a disruption in our lives. Many trend watchers are saying that we will be changing our ways of connecting with each other and with Mother Earth for the better.

As a good friend would say, “From your lips to God’s ears.”

Key Takeaway

We made these Boysen mood boards to guide our readers and show how colors can be combined and the feel that these combinations can give to interior spaces.

If you want to see more color palettes, visit the Boysen Color Trends website and see the palettes we created since 2015.

Feeling creative? Go to this article on color schemes so you can have a framework to create your own paint color palettes.

We will be making more mood boards this year, and will be uploading these on our Boysen Pinterest account so please do follow us on Pinterest too by clicking on the link.


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