Boysen fans, we’ve come up with a short exam for you! The quiz questions below contain some of the misconceptions, misinformation, and myths we regularly encounter via inquiries we receive or through comments on our social media posts. Let’s see if you can sort fact from fiction.

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Boysen Plexibond, a cementitious waterproofing system, is mixed with paint prior to application.

Boysen Plexibond must be mixed with Portland cement before use—not paint. To be exact, the ratio must be 6.5 to 7.5 kgs of cement for every 4 liters of Plexibond. Learn more here

Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is used to add a glossy shine to surfaces.

Boysen Clear Acrylic Emulsion is meant to serve as a barrier against dampness. It is not used as a topcoat to give surfaces a glossy shine. It is applied after the primer and before the topcoat so that the moisture from the concrete will not seep through and damage the paint on top. Learn more here.

Boysen Automotive Lacquer is paint for cars.

Boysen Automotive Lacquer is paint for interior wooden surfaces like kitchen cabinets. It is not meant to be applied on cars. It got its name because it dries to a high-gloss Duco finish—similar to what you see on automobiles. Learn more here.

Boysen Cool Shades is roof paint that makes use of infrared-reflecting (IR) pigments that effectively lower the heat in your home.

Boysen Cool Shades utilizes highly-engineered infrared-reflecting pigments. It’s this pigment that repels infrared light from the sun and reduces your roof’s heat build-up cooling down your home in the process. Learn more here.

Boysen Acrytex, an extremely durable paint for exteriors, can be applied on top of other paints. No need to scrape to bare concrete.

If you want to paint with Boysen Acrytex but already have existing paint (that’s not Boysen Acrytex) on the surface, you will need to scrape back to bare. Otherwise, you get a paint problem that Pinoy painters call “nagchi-chicharon” or flaking in English. Learn more here.

Konstrukt Permaplast K-201 High Performance Acrylic Skimcoat is a type of product that in Filipino is called “masilya.”

In Filipino, masilya is putty and palitada is skimcoat. Therefore, Konstrukt Permaplast K-201 High Performance Acrylic Skimcoat is the latter. Many wrongly interchange the two terms as they both correct surface defects. However, they’re different things. Learn more here.

Boysen 200 mL sample pots are available at The Color Library by Boysen and online through the Boysen website.

Boysen paint colors do come in 200 mL sample pots so you can test out a hue before committing to a 4-liter or 16-liter container. You can find them at The Color Library by Boysen in MOA Square, Mall of Asia Complex or via the Boysen website under the “Buy Online” section. Learn more here.

There exists paint that can kill mosquitoes. It’s called Boysen Bug Off.

Boysen Bug Off is a proven-effective insect-killing paint. It is formulated with pyrethroids—harmful to bugs but harmless to humans. An insect lands on the painted surface and is attacked by the pyrethroids. After a short time, it drops dead! Learn more here.

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