Ho ho ho! Just a little over two weeks until Christmas! Everywhere you go, places seem to be fully decked out in red and green to celebrate the monthlong (sometimes, months long if we’re being quite honest here) Christmas season. If you’re getting a bit sick and tired of all the red, green, and gold motifs, we’ve got other color schemes just for you! Here, we’ll lay out some Christmas color palettes that aren’t in your usual Christmas-y shades. But, they can still be extremely fun and festive for you and your home!

Blue for You

Unexpected Christmas Color Palettes for the Holidays | MyBoysen

Blue can still be somewhat of a Christmas color due to its association with snow, like a winter wonderland! Pair this dreamy hue with some silver tinsel for an extra festive look. If you’re looking for a calmer, more relaxed holiday, pick this palette for your Christmas motif. The holidays are usually stressful enough as they are. Your schedule is fully packed with parties (the virtual kind), you have to cook up a feast for the family, and traffic is always extra bad. To top it off, people usually get sick around Christmas! So, choose the more soothing colors this year and go for this blue Christmas color palette!

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Think Pink

Unexpected Christmas Color Palettes for the Holidays | MyBoysen

If you still want to be surrounded by warm tones this holiday season but red seems a little too loud for you, think pink! I mean, think about it, okay? Pink is such a bright and fun color, it might just be the perfect hue for you to spark your childlike wonder again for Christmas. In color psychology, pink is shown to reduce stress and lessen aggression. Frustrated with all the love life-related queries from your nosy aunts and uncles? A pink Christmas color palette might just be the thing you need to calm down and just let things be.

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Orange You Glad

Unexpected Christmas Color Palettes for the Holidays | MyBoysen

Wow, orange? Yup, that’s right! People don’t really give the orange hue much love. But, this color actually works really well for a more rustic-themed Christmas vibe. The universal representative of this hue, the orange fruit, makes for a delicious snack and for great decor! Dried orange slices can be used as both garnish in your Christmas drinks and as a garland for your tree! It’s a win-win-win situation. You get a snack, a decoration, and your house will smell so good! Just don’t forget to pair this bright and jolly hue with subdued browns to balance it out.

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You’re Sleigh-in It!

Well, here are the three unusual Christmas color palettes that we have for you. But, don’t limit yourself to just these three! Love purple? Go for it! On the fence about a black color motif? Why the heck not! The sky (and your wallet) is the limit! It’s been a tough (couple of) years for everyone. Now is the time to let loose, celebrate, and be grateful for the things in our lives.

Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on our paints and colors? Send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help! Happy holidays!



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