More and more titas and titos are welcoming plants into their homes. I have my fingers crossed this isn’t just a passing trend for most. Aside from their positive effects on one’s health and well-being, plants have the power to elevate and enhance the space they’re in. They add aesthetic appeal to all interior design styles! So, if you’re looking to go beyond whites and creams as a wall or accent backdrop of your plant babies, here are some striking and beautiful home color ideas to consider.

1. Pink

Velvet armchairs in emerald green paired with dusty pink and touches of gold in a room—I’m sure you’ve seen it around already. Swap the armchair for your monstera plant and get on the green-pink trend.

Warm colors like red and yellow tend to be active and energetic. Even though pink is a warm color as well, unlike the others, it’s more calming and soothing. It’s just the thing if you want some softness in your room filled with indoor plants.

2. Purple

Picture a lavender field in peak bloom on a sunny day. The green and purple stretch far and wide. You feel relaxed and at peace. Colors inherently found together in nature will be pleasing to the eyes when used in interior design as well.

Try pastel shades of purple, as opposed to richer and darker tones, as a backdrop for your indoor plants. Aside from being a little easier to pull off than bolder tones, a lighter shade will also give the room an easy and airy feel.

3. Green

Have you considered green on green? Lean into your love of greenery and go for a palette in green shades and tones. Have furniture and home accessories in wooden finishes to complete your nature-inspired interiors. The photo above pairs olive green to warm wood and black metal finishes.

You can also try a lighter blue-green with a lighter shade of wood for that coveted Scandinavian look. Add tons of texture to keep things interesting such as throw rugs and woven décor.

4. Blue

The vibrant greens of plants pop out against the backdrop of deep colors of industrial style homes. Dark blue is a good alternative if you want to go for a more somber shade but find gray and black too gloomy. Lush greenery and home accessories in lighter shades bring balance, variety, and depth to this sleek kitchen.

Here’s another one inspired by nature and it’s a no-brainer. Choose a light blue picked straight out of the sky on a clear, cloudless day. Towering trees are always against the backdrop of this beautiful hue so your indoor plants should feel right at home. This shade of blue works well in bedrooms and bathrooms especially as it gives off calm energy.

5. Gray

Gray for home interiors has been popular for some time now. When thoughtfully used, it’s a sophisticated neutral wall color that can go with most hues—including your greenery. The living room/work area in the photo above is sleek and modern with still a touch of coziness thanks to the indoor plants and wooden accents.

Light gray is a step or two away from white wall interiors. It’s a nice option if you like the cleanliness and lightness of white but want something a little more interesting. It will make the vibrant colors in the room, including greens, stand out.

Now that you’ve chosen your color, it’s time to paint. Consider Virtuoso Silk Touch for your wall. Aside from a lovely, luxurious satin finish, it’s also formulated to be dirt- and stain-resistant thanks to Teflon technology (yes, the same one used in your pots and pans). It makes splashes from watering and dirt from pot soil an easy wipe away to clean. Here are a few color samples:


We would love to see your plant babies against your newly painted wall! Tag us on Instagram (@boysenpaintsphilippines) when you upload to social media. For more home color ideas, check out the Color Inspirations section of Let It B.


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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