Yeah! We’re obsessed with leaves. There are plantitas in the team, some of them virtual, and we’d like to have a biophilic feel in our homes. If you can’t have something real, then at least draw some plants on your walls. So here’s a video tutorial on how to make leaf silhouettes.

If you read about biophilic design, then you will find out that one way to bring in that kind of look is to integrate biomorphic elements in your home. Simply put, it is to have natural shapes and elements in your home decor, like leaves. We just had one DIY video that also was about leaves. Read How to Paint Leaves on Your Accent Wall. What can I say, in love kami sa dahon.

Tropical Leaves

Video Tutorial on How To Make Leaf Silhouettes | MyBoysen


To make it more interesting, choose tropical leaves that have distinctive shapes to make your wall look more interesting. The monstera plant is a favorite, if a tad overused. In this case, choose something different from the selection of leaves above. Choosing a palm frond would be difficult to paint so skip that and use another big leaf or an interesting sprig instead.

Tip: If you are not patient, go for a leaf that is medium in size and has an easy shape, like the heart-shaped homalomena.

The Secret to Painting Leaf Silhouettes Well

The secret to painting leaf silhouettes well is easy to steal. Just change your tool from a brush to a sponge. Then remember that the best movement to follow is to DAB the edges of the leaf. This way, you won’t create a messy silhouette. Repeat randomly on the wall.

It can look more interesting if you choose different leaves but this will increase the difficulty. If you’re creative and up for it, then experiment.

Nature in the Home

There are other ways to bring in nature in the home.


Have a mural on the wall. You can either have that painted or you can use wallpaper like the one above. Just remember to find a supplier that has the know-how to install the wallpaper in an expert way. One thing to consider is to prepare the surface really well to ensure that your wall is dry. Damp is the enemy of wallpaper so you have to prevent that happening to your wall.

Here are the steps on surface preparation:

  1. Prime bare surface first with Boysen Flat Latex then putty minor imperfections with Boysen Masonry Putty.
  2. Then apply a full coat of Boysen Acrylic Emulsion. This coating acts as a barrier against dampness on concrete walls.

Follow the instructions provided in the links for the different products.

Real Plants


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Bring in real plants into the home. Steal the idea above for your accent wall. Instead of putting books. use an open shelf to contain your plants. Curate the plants well by choosing different interesting foliage, also colors, then add some home decor that have biomorphic shapes like the bird or the mushrooms.

Natural Shapes


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This ultra-chic, subdued, minimalist design looks both stylish and warm because of the color palettes but mostly because of the amorphous furniture used in this grouping. Curvy furniture is the new wave in furniture design. it looks comfortable and cozy, and imparts a feeling of informality which is very welcome during these times when we want our homes to be the sanctuaries we need to cocoon in during this pandemic. It helps, of course, that behind the gauzy curtains of the sweeping windows is an incredible view of the garden.

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