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Have you ever heard of Equinox Phenomenon? Well, I didn’t until I read an advisory from the administration office of a condo here in Makati in the last week of March. The condo residents were told to do the following for health reasons: Monitor your blood pressure. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Consume about 3 liters of fluid daily. Take cold showers as frequently as possible. Always check lip condition and ensure eyeball moisture. Place a new and unused candle outside your home, in an exposed area. If the candle melts, it is an indication of a heat wave. Place a pail half-filled with water in all the rooms to keep interior temperatures down. A Long-Term Structural Solution for the Summer Heat Although the Equinox Phenomenon may just last for days, the summer heat lasts for months. Temperatures in the high 30s to 40s are not comfortable at all. Add…