Maintaining your roof requires timely repaints—not just for aesthetic reasons but, importantly, to keep rust at bay as well. If your roof is due for a new coat of paint, Engineer Kim from the Boysen Technical Service Department walks you through how to go about it in a PinTanong Videoserye episode.

How to Repaint Your Roof

Here is a quick summary of how to repaint a metal roof. Watch the tutorial video above for the full instructions.

Step 1:

Check the roof for holes and rusting. Holes must be filled and rusted areas should be dealt with before you can begin painting. If the roof is in a terrible condition, it might be best to replace it altogether.

Step 2:

After filling in the holes, treat rusted areas. First, with a steel brush and sandpaper, try to remove as much of the rust as you can. With a rag, clean the area to remove dirt and sanding dust.

If some rust still remains, proceed to step 3. If all the rust was removed, skip to Step 5.

Step 3:

To the remaining rusted areas, apply Boysen Metal Etching Solution using a brush. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and repeat step 3 if you still see rusting.

Step 4:

Once all the rust is gone, remove any Metal Etching Solution left on the surface. Do this by wiping thinner on the areas using a clean rag.

Step 5:

Apply primer (find metal primer recommendations here) on areas where the bare metal is exposed. Remember, any areas that have been treated with Boysen Metal Etching Solution will need to be primed immediately to avoid flash rusting.

Step 6:

Apply 2 coats of your topcoat. Pick from Boysen Cool Shades or Boysen Roofgard.

Why Roof Maintenance is Important

Don’t let your roof’s paint get patchy. When your roof is unprotected from the elements, it significantly ups its chances of acquiring rust. When left untreated, rust eats away at metal causing holes—and therefore, leaky roofs. So before that happens, do something about it. Inspect your roof regularly and repaint when necessary.

And, remember to choose reliable roof paints. Boysen roof paints, for example, are specifically designed to be durable and long-lasting thanks to their thermoplastic film that’s resistant to cracking and peeling.

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What’s Next

This roof repainting tutorial is the first of a series of PinTanong videos on painting metal surfaces. Each one aims to give easy-to-understand instructions on how to paint and repaint metal surfaces commonly found in a Filipino home including rooves, gates, and stairs.

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Happy painting!

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