Roof maintenance is important. In a typhoon-prone country like the Philippines, home upkeep involves looking after the roof over your head. You want only quality materials including when it comes to your choice of roof paint. Boysen Roofgard is definitely a good pick. Our Boysen technical engineers have these tips for you to keep in mind when you use it for your project.

DO Use It on Other Metal Surfaces

Roof Paint Tips: 3 Dos and Don’ts of Boysen Roofgard | MyBoysen

Though it has “roof” in its name, Roofgard is a metal paint product you can use for other areas of the house too. This includes metal gates, fences, trellises, and other galvanized surfaces.

Thanks to its excellent adhesion, Boysen Roofgard remains intact for a longer period of time and can endure the changing weather without cracking or peeling. It’s reliably durable! It also has good UV resistance and gloss retention so your paint will retain its original color for a long time.

It also provides good corrosion resistance thanks to its specially formulated acrylic binder and pigment combination. Pair it with a Boysen metal primer for best results. Choose from the following: Boysen Red Oxide Metal Primer, Boysen Rust-Off, and Boysen Primeguard.

DON’T Attempt to Tint Boysen Roofgard

Boysen Roofgard has several readily available colors for you to choose from, including ones that are typical of Filipino homes. To name a few, there’s Baguio Green, Spanish Red, and Chocolate Brown.

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We have heard of accounts from Boysen users who have tried to mix tints with Boysen Roofgard only to end up with disappointing results. For example, one homeowner who had their Boysen Roofgard manually tinted found that once applied, the color of their paint did not blend well. Worse, when the paint dried, it seemed to separate and not form a paint film as it should.

Remember, only certain Boysen products have their own designated tinting colors. Because Boysen Roofgard does not have its own, Boysen technical engineers advise against tinting it. Choose from the readily available colors or, if you have a specific color in mind, make a special order through an accredited Boysen dealer.

DON’T Add Paint Thinner

Roof Paint Tips: 3 Dos and Don’ts of Boysen Roofgard | MyBoysen

One of the pros of Boysen Roofgard is that it’s a water-based paint. Because of this, when you want to thin it, you only need to use water. You can thin Roofgard at not more than 1/2 liter of clean water per 4-liter can of paint. Don’t use paint thinner as this will not mix well with a water-based paint like Roofgard.

There are other benefits of having water-based paint too. It makes it a low odor paint so you don’t get that strong chemical smell when you’re applying it or waiting for it to dry. Any drips and spills are easy to clean as well because you only need water and soap. Boysen Roofgard is also non-flammable, leaf-free, and mercury-free.

Boysen Roofgard is one of Boysen’s two roof paints. The other is Boysen Cool Shades which has the desirable qualities of Roofgard with the added bonus of a heat-reflecting feature that helps cool down your home. Learn more about Boysen Roofgard here and more about Boysen Cool Shades here.

Have questions? Our technical team will be happy to answer them! Send an email to or call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.


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