To have a dedicated place in your kitchen for your spice jars is something I consider important. I like my spice jars to be stored not only in one place but also within easy reach while I’m cooking or preparing a dish.

I used to have a similar spice roll-out cabinet before next to the oven. But something like what Honey made in this video serves me well nowadays.

Tip: If you want to cook healthy food, it is best to use herbs and spices to give your dish more flavor instead of just salt.

Herbs and Spices for Health

If you go on the internet to search for herbs and spices and what health benefits they provide, there will be a flood of search results. Just go to a shop or supermarket and there you will find a lot of choices and a lot of promises. Who do you believe? Don’t follow my style because I’m advertising-damaged. I see a nice box with a serif font, some green leaves, and I’m thinking that that could be effective.

All I can say is better do your research before you even go shopping. Look at the different cultures that use these in their cooking or for natural health remedies. If they have been espousing the efficacy of a spice or herb for years, decades, even centuries, chances are they may be on to something.

Show off your seasonings on your DIY spice rack. This also helps you to see at a glance which ones need stocking up.

Indian herbs and spices
Chinese herbs and spices
Greek herbs and spices

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