It takes discipline to start a journey of health, and both exercise and diet play important roles to achieve overall fitness. Many health practitioners advocate that nutrition is more crucial than exercise. Some go as far as to quantify the relationship — 80% nutrition + 20% exercise is the formula to a healthy body. Have you ever heard of the saying that “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet?”

I’m not an expert. Friends go on so many different kinds of diet that I can’t keep up. There’s the South Beach, Weight Watchers, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Zone, Atkins, Raw Food, and so much more. IF, intermittent fasting, seems to also be in fashion. It promises not only that you lose weight but that you also live longer. What you just need to do is not eat for 16 hours in a day, meaning that if your last meal is at 6 PM, your next meal should be at 10 AM. Never tried it. I don’t want to give up my munchies while I’m watching Netflix in the dead of night.

So what does Honey do after feeling woozy? Not surprising really after a day of being glued to her smartphone, binging on TV and junk food.

Yes, dear readers. Have your blood checked and see if your values are within the normal ranges. And still, even if you have a perfect score, do live healthy. That means eat a balanced diet and move. That’s non-expert advice from a workaholic, sometimes-couch potato.

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