Browse through any year in the Boysen Color Trend collection and you’ll probably notice one thing, each year is divided into several themes. Each of these themes are made up of 6 or so colors that are curated to look good together. Therefore, you can get 2 to 3 colors from the same palette and create a whole look for your living space. We designed the palettes in such a way that you can mix and match colors and it would still look cohesive. Previously, we showed our recommendations for eye-catching color pairings in the BREATHE Color Palette. This time around, we’ll show you the energizing color combinations from the MOVE Color Palette of Boysen Color Trend 2022/2023.

Lemon Pop and Purple Power Revolution

MOVE Color Palette: Energizing Color Combinations | MyBoysen

For this look, we combined two energizing colors from the MOVE Color Palette—the zesty yellow Lemon Pop | BCT21-7618S and the intense violet Purple Power Revolution | BCT21-7740S. The combination of these two dazzling shades creates an invigorating atmosphere for any living space. This color combo is best used in areas where you need a lot of upbeat energy like home gyms.

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Deep Plunge and Hey, Grey!

MOVE Color Palette: Energizing Color Combinations | MyBoysen
Exclusive bedroom for a man who likes travelling

The synthesis of the dark blue Deep Plunge | BCT21-7438S and the light gray Hey, Grey!  | BCT21-7018S creates a grounding atmosphere best suited for bedrooms and other quiet spaces. These two cool-toned colors from the otherwise super energizing hues of the MOVE Color Palette is an important reminder that there is still movement and progress in rest. Prioritizing rest and and relaxation is key to moving forward.

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High Key and Fireburst

MOVE Color Palette: Energizing Color Combinations | MyBoysen

The color orange is the embodiment of excitement and enthusiasm.  The brilliant orange hue of Fireburst | BCT21-7739S is no exception. This highly social color is made for areas where people gather to collaborate, share stories, or simply enjoy each other’s companies. Keep the energy steady by combing this fiery hue with the sandy, off-white High Key | BCT21-7208S.

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MOVE Color Palette

Anyone with a workaholic streak should know the feeling. If you push yourself too much you’ll end up burning out. Bring balance in you and your space with the mix of warm and cool toned hues from the MOVE Color Palette. Mix and match this dynamic palette and come up with your own combination.

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