We get messages from our kababayans abroad about their paint concerns. They ask us about the Boysen products they are using or planning to use for the construction of their homes here.

Everyone dreams of owning a home. It is not so easy with the prices of properties in relation to the earning power of the average Pinoy. For this reason, so many have flown to other countries in the hopes of earning money to give a good life to their loved ones, to invest in a home, and to secure a comfortable future for themselves and their families. Intentions that most of us have, whether we are here or abroad.

Mostly those kababayans abroad who have been in touch with us do so to help family members who are not savvy with construction matters but who nevertheless supervise the building of their homes here.


Waterproofing is one of the priority topics that we get questions about. It is important to make sure that our homes can withstand the heavy rains and typhoons that often visit our country. The usual question from our kababayans is “Anong pwedeng gamiting pang waterproofing?” This message comes from those who usually are building or about to build new homes.

Boysen Plexibond

Boysen has a cementitious waterproofing system called Plexibond. This is applied on surfaces that are in direct contact with moisture or water, which is called positive-side waterproofing. Some areas in the home that we recommend you waterproof are fire walls, roof decks, bathrooms, and concrete canopies.

Here are Areas of the House Experts Recommend You Waterproof


Boysen Plexibond is NOT a stand-alone product. It has to be mixed with Portland Cement, and the correct ratio is 6.5 to 7.5 kgs of Portland Cement to 4 Liters of Plexibond.

Because of the strong interest our customers have for this product, we have mentioned Plexibond in more than 40 articles in this blog.

Boysen Acrytex

Boysen Acrytex Will Keep Your Walls Dry This Rainy Season

Boysen also has Boysen Acrytex, an acrylic solvent-based coating, that helps protect homes from heavy rains. It does this by forming a watertight, non-porous film that can repel water and prevent seepage. This is a great product to use on your exterior walls. Not only is it watertight, it is extremely durable and long-lasting and also dirt-resistant and easy to maintain.

Acrytex offers a choice of colors and textured finishes.

If a search for Boysen Plexibond elicits more than 40 articles in this blog, Acrytex is mentioned in more than 80 posts. Click the link and surf through the articles to get to know Acrytex better.

Boysen Roofgard

Protect Your Roof Against All Kinds of Weather with Boysen Roofgard

As the name indicates, this Boysen product is for the roof.

Boysen Roofgard is an acrylic water-based roof paint designed to protect and adhere to most roof substrates such as galvanized iron surfaces, pre-painted galvanized sheets, asphalt shingles, and unglazed roof tiles.

The paint film is thermoplastic which means it remains flexible without cracking or peeling whether the weather is sunny or rainy. This ensures that the paint film remains intact for a longer period of time and therefore helps protect your roof from rusting. (Rusting is one surefire way to get holes and leaks.)

Color Choice

Another question we get a lot of from our kababayans abroad concerns paint color. Some of them send photos of interiors or exteriors and ask if Boysen has something similar.

As regards color, Boysen offers thousands of different paint hues. But we cannot answer this question because color is very personal and so remains a personal choice.

Here are 5 ways by which you can see what Boysen colors are available.

Your Paint Color Options: 5 Ways to Browse Boysen Paint Colors

For our kababayans living abroad, you can opt for number 3: through the Boysen App, or number 5: through the Boysen Color Trend website.

The Boysen app also has a paint calculator, product guides for all Boysen products, and more. Download the app via the App Store for iOS users and the Play Store for Android users.

Boysen releases trending colors regularly. Just go to Boysen Color Trend website (https://boysencolortrends.com/) and scroll through the collections. You may even find that a paint color that was launched in 2015, for example, is the hue that you want to paint your home with.

Boysen Feedback

You will find that the social media and technical teams are accessible and easy to reach. They can guide you as to what product you can use and how you can use it, for painting concerns you may want to bring up.

The teams are well aware that your concerns are important to you. We all can relate because all of us have homes, and we all know how much that matters to us.

So mga kababayans, you can always reach our social media team through Facebook, Instagram, Boysen YouTube, MyBoysen YouTube, and Pinterest. Do subscribe to all those social media channels including this blog. You can also send an email to ask@myboysen.com.

If there is someone in the Philippines who can represent you about your technical concerns, please let him or her call (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours.


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