Hello, Lettie.

I would like to ask if I can use Boysen Cool Shades on concrete walls. I want the cooling effect for my home.

Thank you!

Boysen User K

Hi, Boysen User K!

We do get a fair few inquiries from Boysen users asking if they can use Boysen Cool Shades on other areas of the house (like this one about a roof deck). I’m assuming they, like you, hope to get the cooling effect on more surfaces, not just the roof. After all, if you could paint it on walls, you would be lowering your home’s indoor temperature even more, right? Sadly, no.

You can’t use Boysen Cool Shades on concrete walls. This particular paint product is formulated for roofs only. If you haven’t yet, paint it there first! It’s recommended for galvanized metal (yero), aluminum, stainless steel, and unglazed roof tiles.

White for a Cooler Home

Did you know that for the best heat-reflecting effect, you should get Boysen Cool Shades in the color white? This is because white is the most reflective color.

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So, here’s a bit of wisdom. Paint your concrete exteriors white as well if you want a cooler home.

Darker colors absorb more sunlight which is why they get warmer quicker too. Think of how, on a hot day, you feel even hotter wearing a black shirt compared to if you were wearing a white one. Your home is basically the same. Painting it a lighter shade will help keep it cooler.

Paint Products for Concrete Walls

For concrete paint for home exteriors, here are products I recommend that you can get in white or other light shades.

Boysen Permacoat Latex

Paint TechTalk with Lettie: Can I Use Boysen Cool Shades on Concrete Walls? | MyBoysen

Boysen Permacoat is the no-brainer paint for home concrete exteriors and interiors. It’s reliably durable, good at hiding imperfections, and dirt pick-up resistant. A water-based paint, clean-up is made easy as you only need water—thinner not necessary. It comes in many readily available colors and even more when you have it mixed at a Mix and Match station.

Boysen Acrytex

Paint TechTalk with Lettie: Can I Use Boysen Cool Shades on Concrete Walls? | MyBoysen

Step it up a notch and go for Boysen Acrytex. Its chosen by homeowners who look for paint that’s extremely durable, long-lasting, and water-repellent. It dries to a paint film that adheres firmly to the surface so you won’t see it crack or flake for a long time. Being watertight, it can also repel water and prevent seepage. It comes in white and can be tinted to achieve other colors using Acrytex Tinting Colors.

Any of these two make great picks for concrete wall paint. If you want to learn more about these products or get more product recommendations, one of our Technical Service Representatives will be happy to talk to you. Just give us a call at 8364-9999.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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