Heat can be a very real problem during the summer months. Not just when you’re outside either. It can be overbearing even when you’re indoors. As much as it would be nice to have the air conditioner turned on all day at home, it’s highly impractical—bad for your electricity bill and the environment. Here’s how you can fight the heat instead with Boysen Cool Shades.

Heat Stress in the Philippines Even When Indoors

This Heat-Reflecting Roof Paint Does Actually Lower the Heat in Your Home | MyBoysen

Once PAGASA announces the end of the amihan season and the official start of tag-init, Pinoys start to get reminders about the dangers of heat stress.

Heat stress is no joke. At its mildest, rising temperatures can be uncomfortable and can be a hindrance to productivity. At its worst, heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion and dehydration, harm people’s health and can even lead to life-threatening conditions like heat stroke.

We’re warned not to spend time outdoors when temperatures are at their highest during the midday. But the heat can still be too much even when you’re indoors.

“Increasing temperatures cause heat stress in people, even when not directly exposed to heat, since outdoor meteorological conditions also affect conditions inside, particularly in non-air-conditioned environments,” says a study on heat stress in the Philippines published in Nature.

This means the tag-init heat can be a problem even when you’re inside your home. Here’s where Boysen Cool Shades comes in. On top of preventive measures against heat stress like staying hydrated, consider painting your roof with Boysen Cool Shades. Its heat-reflecting ability translates into a noticeably cooler home.

How Boysen Cool Shades Lowers the Heat in Your Home

This Heat-Reflecting Roof Paint Does Actually Lower the Heat in Your Home | MyBoysen

Boysen Cool Shades is a heat-reflecting roof paint. This means it can bounce sunlight back into the atmosphere before it has a chance to turn into heat that’s absorbed into your home.

It does this with the help of highly-engineered infrared-reflecting (IR) pigments. It’s this pigment that repels infrared light from the sun and reduces your roof’s heat build-up. If you’re repainting your roof with Boysen Cool Shades, you’ll notice the before and after temperature difference just by touching your roof.

Tested by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Boysen Cool Shades was shown to lower the surface temperature of sample materials by up to 15ºC versus conventional roof coating. This matters because when your roof is cooler, so is your home.

As a roof paint, Boysen Cool Shades has outstanding durability and excellent dirt pick-up resistance. It’s water-based and low-VOC so it’s environment-friendly. It’s also made with an all-acrylic binder ensuring that its cooling effect is long-lasting.

Painting Your Roof with Boysen Cool Shades

Boysen Cool Shades | MyBoysen

Boysen Cool Shades comes in several paint colors. However, for the best heat-reflecting effect, get it in the color white. It’s the most reflective color which therefore gives the best cooling effect.

With this in mind, if you’ll be using a primer, go for one in white as well. Boysen experts recommend Boysen Primeguard also in white as a primer for new galvanized iron sheets, aluminum, or stainless steel.

You’ll only need two coats of Boysen Cool Shades which you can apply with a brush, roller, or airless spray in your desired color. Allow for a 2-hour interval between coats. Clean spills and messes with water.

For more info on Boysen Cool Shades, you’ll be able to find its product guide here. Hoping you stay safe from heat stress and keep cool this summer!

If you have other painting concerns, you’ll be able to reach our technical team at ask@myboysen.com. You can also call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.


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