Dear Lettie,

I have a paint color swatch from a different brand but would like it as Boysen paint. Does Boysen do color matching?


Color Finder

Hi, Color Finder.

I’m glad to hear Boysen is your choice of paint! We have over a thousand colors to choose from so your options are far from limited.

Sadly, however, we do not do close color matching. I can recommend something else instead—look through the Boysen color collection! See which is the most similar to the swatch you have or maybe you’ll find a color you like better. There are several ways to do this.

1. Boysen Mix and Match Stations

Boysen Mix and Match station

No doubt the quickest, easiest, and most budget-friendly way to look through Boysen’s paint color collection is at a Boysen Mix and Match station. You’ve probably already spotted these at home depots.

Once at a Mix and Match station, the friendly technician will hand you Boysen fan decks, which are collated paint swatches, to browse. And, if you fall in love with a color, you can have it mixed on the spot. Find a list of Boysen Mix and Match locations here.

2. Boysen Fan Decks

Boysen fan decks

Want to own a Boysen fan deck instead? You’ll be pleased to know that they’re available for purchase via the Boysen website ( Add to cart to your heart’s content! Choose from four: Boysen Color Palette (1,320 colors), Boysen Colorizer Series G (135 colors), Boysen Medley (250 colors), and Virtuoso Fan Deck (123 colors). Or, you know, collect them all.

3. Boysen App

Boysen app color collection

The Boysen app has a lot of useful features and tools. One of the things it lets you do is look through digital swatches of Boysen paint colors. You can pick paint hues wherever and whenever just as long as you have your phone with you.

Just remember though that due to several factors, including the limitations of device screens and differences in device specs, digital swatches may not always accurately represent their corresponding paint colors. So, it’s always best to check the physical swatch in person before having paint mixed.

4. The Color Library by Boysen

The Color Library by Boysen

If you’d like a unique experience to go with your color browsing, head to The Color Library by Boysen! It’s a one-of-a-kind concept that houses a collection of over 1,000 Boysen paint colors as swatches called Colorbooks.

Visitors are free to pull Colorbooks from the shelves to get a closer look and even compare them with each other. Then, whatever paint color you pick can be mixed in-store for you in 200 mL or 1 L pots. Get more details about The Color Library here.

There you have it! Hoping you find the color you’re looking for and maybe even discover other colors to love.

Your painting partner,

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