Hi, Lettie!

I have my house painted with Boysen Permacoat in Tulle White. I like the color but the rain has made it dirty. I want to switch to Boysen Wallguard because it has better dirt resistance but I think the readily available color is too white.

I was told that I can manually tint Wallguard with Boysen Latex Colors colorants. I find this troublesome because Boysen Permacoat can be tinted by machine at home depot stores but Wallguard can’t.

How do I tint Wallguard to a color close to Permacoat Tulle White?


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Hi, Boysen User U!

Unfortunately, you’re right that you can’t have Wallguard colors mixed at Boysen Mix and Match stations. Right now, our stations can only mix paint colors as Permacoat, Healthy Home, and Virtuoso Silk Touch.

Boysen Wallguard Dirt Resisting Latex | MyBoysen

For Wallguard, you have two options for mixing colors.

Option 1: Manual Tinting

You’re right again that for tinting of Wallguard, you can use Boysen Latex Colors colorants. You can mix up to 1/4 liter of Latex Color for every 4 liters of Wallguard. Don’t mix any more than that or you risk having uneven shine when you apply your paint. Note that B-1466 Hansa Yellow and B-1407 Toluidine Red are not recommended for Wallguard.

You’ve said that you would like to replicate Permacoat’s Tulle White. It may take a little experimenting to get that exact shade. For a bit of guidance, try checking out the Mix Your Colors tool on the Boysen app. It’s a tool specifically to help those looking to mix paint colors using colorants.

Mix Your Own Paint Colors with Boysen Colorants | MyBoysen

Option 2: Factory Mixed

I get it if you’re not too keen on manually mixing your own colors though, especially if you’re trying to replicate a shade or need large amounts of paint. So, another option for getting Wallguard colors is by placing a special order at one of our accredited dealers.

The dealer will coordinate with us and then have your requested Wallguard color mixed at our factory. As you may have guessed, the downside of this is that it may take longer for your paint to get to you. Turnaround time for special orders varies depending on several factors including the schedule of orders at our plant. The upside, of course, is that you’ll get the shade that you want in the quantity that you need.

If you need further assistance, one of our Technical Service Representatives can help guide you through the project too! Give us a call at 8364-9999 and we can work things out. Consultations are free of charge.

Hope this helps!

Your painting partner,

(A few days later after the initial inquiry)

Hi again, Lettie.

A Boysen Technical Service Representative, Engr. Ianna, visited me this morning. She will be trying to get me the formula for tinting Wallguard to Tulle White. She was very competent and understood my concerns.

Thanks again!

Boysen User U

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