Watch our bubbly Boysen girl Kriz pep up the house number at the entrance of her pad with this fresh painting idea.

Painting Idea for Your House Number

House numbers are important, unless you don’t want to be found, you’re hiding from someone, or you want to confuse the delivery people. Bad idea though if you are a fan of online shopping.

Unless you are a resident in a condo building which insists on uniformity, you can choose any house number style to install on your door or gate.

House Door Numbers


You can use so many kinds of materials, like stone, brass, steel, ceramic tiles, wood, slate, stone, aluminum, or acrylic. The material you use would depend largely on the exterior aesthetic of your home. Also, if your house is directly along a public road, it would be prudent not to have a house number done in steel or some expensive material.


Where do you install your house number? Find a spot where people usually look at first. Don’t hide it behind wall ivy, for example. Putting it at eye level also makes it easier for people to find it. Make sure it stands out even more by having negative space around it.


In other countries where they have ordinances for house numbers the recommended size is 4 inches. I don’t think we practice that here in the Philippines. I would say to just make sure that your house number is in propertion to your door or your gate.


To help people find your house number quickly, don’t go monochromatic with your color scheme. Aim for contrast so it can easily be seen.

Other DIY Paint Color Ideas

The video above shows Kriz’s way of making her house number special. She made a plant box out of it. Foliage against a hard and rough surface like bricks is a great way to announce your house to the world. Just make sure that your plant does not cover your house number.

MyBoysen has a lot of DIY crafts that you can follow using paint. The beauty about paint is that you can just pick your colors, slap some paint onto the surface, and see the effect. Of course, you have to allow the paint to cure before you apply the succeeding coat. You can be subtle and go monochromatic, or be assertive and use bright colors. If you want to use more than two colors, read this helpful infographic in this link.

Here are DIY paint ideas you can grab.

Make Your Own Photo Breakfast Tray

Photo Breakfast Tray
Make a photo breakfast tray. Click on link to see video.

Hey, nomad! Do you want to have a new way of seeing photos of your top travel experiences around your home most of the time, aside from sticking them on your fridge, putting them on your shelf, or hanging them up your wall, or all of the above? Watch how Alex made her very own photo breakfast tray. This wouldn’t work if you don’t eat breakfast though.

Make Wooden Coasters

DIY wooden coasters
Make wooden coasters. Click on link to see video.

This is such a fun DIY project. The wood, the trend geometric design, and the happy colors make these cheery objects to decorate your dining table. It’s a lovely pick-me-up during breakfast too. That and the breakfast tray above will bring in the sunshine!

Repaint Your Old Wooden Chair

repainted chair
Paint your old wooden chair. Click on link to see video.

Paint an old wooden chair yellow to complete the welcome committee for breakfast — photo breakfast tray, wooden coasters, and wooden chair. Sunny yellow goodness is as necessary as a healthy breakfast and some vitamins. Start your day happy and sprinkle sunshine around while you go about your day.

If you want to dive in and DIY your way around your home, click this link for more painting ideas! You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel to always be updated about fun DIY projects!


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