I’m still not used to the sound of the ambulance siren and car screeches waking me up from my deep sleep every night. Living along the main road has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages—this is one of the disadvantages. It’s been three years since I moved into a new place away from my hometown and I still miss the sound of crickets at night. I miss waking up to the chilly Antipolo weather. I miss the fog, the faint sound of the morning news because mama didn’t want to wake us up, most especially the sound of someone screaming “Pandesal… pandesallll!” very early in the morning. Really, I just miss everything about home.

Growing up wasn’t easy for all of us. We had to let go of things we thought we couldn’t live without when we were younger, and that included our homestead, our safe place.

But I realize that I don’t have to let go of it entirely. I can keep a slice of it in my new home by bringing in the colors that will always remind me of those simpler times.

Close to Home: Painting Ideas to Beat Homesickness

The warmth and familiarity of the colors that make up the ORIGINS palette can help us rediscover the beauty of our hometown. The one place that we will always go back to when everything seems like an uphill battle. The place where we spent our youth and where our characters were built.

Each hue symbolizes a memory and each one brings us closer to home.

Painting Ideas: Colors that Remind Me of Home | LetItB | www.myboysen.com

Read up on the ORIGINS palette and paint your walls with its natural colors to refresh and refill your soul.

Out of the Woods

Painting Ideas: Colors that Remind Me of Home | LetItB | www.myboysen.com

Something about nature grounds us and calms us down. As someone who lived her entire youth in a home surrounded by fruit-bearing trees, bugs and bees, I can attest to this. The rich color of Lucid Green and the neutral brown of Barefoot bring me back to those mornings when I just sat on our makeshift hammock under the mango tree in front of our humble abode as I counted down days until it was mango season again. There was no new technology to keep me entertained, only lush greeneries that helped me reconnect with my inner thoughts.

If you live in a high-rise building with little to zero greens, take matters into your own hands by adopting indoor plants. You don’t have to have a green thumb. Just make sure to tend to your babies with utmost care so they wouldn’t die on you. If you’re a first-time plant parent, take this quiz to find out which indoor plant matches your personality!

Pink Afternoons

Painting Ideas: Colors that Remind Me of Home | LetItB | www.myboysen.com

3 pm means siesta when I’m home. I used to hate it when I was younger because most days we were forced to sleep so we could grow taller (never happened) or else there was no merienda for us. Now, these rare moments are my most favorite activity. I love it especially when I wake up from a nap and see the pink sky which indicates that another day is about to end.

Pink Skies and Purple Paradise remind me of afternoon naps, of that brief time period between the golden hour and sunset. Time went by slowly then but this was fine. Today, it’s a kind reminder for us to slow down and rest.

Moonlit Sky

Painting Ideas: Colors that Remind Me of Home | LetItB | www.myboysen.comThe stillness of the dark brown stirs up memories of quiet nights and downtimes with friends while we sat there half-sober as we watched the twinkling city lights in the distance. We talked deep into the night to bare all, propped up by liquid courage that made tongues looser. These were the nights that we wished didn’t end but then the rising sun signified that the secrets needed to be put to bed…for a while. There was a feeling of sadness but the softness of yellow streaks in the horizon, a stark contrast to the dark hue, signalled a new day. Together, the two colors implied that endings can be beautiful too because new beginnings are always in the offing.

Create a masterpiece by using your wall as a giant canvas. Paint it using colors of Humble Bee and Back to Zero. This way, you’ll be able to preserve the memory and keep it alive for always.

Does a certain color remind you of someone or something too? Share with us through the comment box below! For other colorful stories and painting ideas, subscribe to our blog, and get first dibs on our recent releases.


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