If one of your goals in life is to build a home that makes everyone feel at home, creating a welcoming foyer should be your first step. This is the first thing people see when they enter your house. Not the living room, kitchen, and definitely not the bathroom (even if they urgently need to answer the call of nature). Simply put, the foyer sets the overall mood of the house.

But to be honest, I have not heard of the term foyer before I entered this industry. I always thought that an entryway is just a place where we keep our shoes, stack our mail, or hang our keys. I guess we all learn something new every day.

To those who, like me, are new to this part of the house, this is a brief explanation from Stefan of homedit.com, “the term foyer describes a space that usually connects the entrance to various other rooms. However, in time it has become synonymous with the terms entrance hall, hallway, entryway, and even vestibule. In other words, a foyer is where you welcome your guests when they enter your home, whether it’s a house or an apartment.”

Make an Entrance with These Painting Ideas for Your Foyer

If you want to make a lasting impression, take inspiration from these foyer painting ideas that are sure to welcome and wow your guests at first sight. Eyes on the prize, DIYer.

Take the First Step

Painting Ideas: Foyer Eyes Only | MyBoysen

Since the foyer serves as a transitory spot from the door to the other areas in the house, it may be hard for you to decorate it on its own without compromising the rest of the place. If you’re not yet ready to commit to bigger and bolder home ideas, settle with this classic color palette first. The warm tones will make it easier for you to add embellishments like the lamp and rattan baskets, that will also effortlessly harmonize the space.

If you still feel like doing something for your foyer, consider making your own faux concrete key holder as an additional frill. Plus, it will help you better organize.

White a MinutePainting Ideas: Foyer Eyes Only | MyBoysen

Let your guests rest for a bit in this off-white foyer. Go and check for last-minute preparations in the living area and let them calmly take off their shoes, change to house slippers that you have provided your guests (especially now with Covid-19 running loose), or just simply sit awhile to catch their breath if that’s what they want.

The quiet appeal of this vanilla space will give your guests a feel of what to expect inside—a sleek but comfy home.

Grow Comfortable

Painting Ideas: Foyer Eyes Only | MyBoysen

If you think that the monochromatic tone of your home feels a little bland, add greenery especially in the entryway. The presence of indoor plants boosts the vibe, making it look fresh and welcoming. Look at how friendly this black and white entryway has become thanks to some plants.

Click here if you still need some convincing to have indoor plants.

Teal Next Time

Painting Ideas: Foyer Eyes Only | MyBoysen

Let your friends have one last look at your home as you bid them goodbye in this teal foyer. Sometimes, going all out with loud colors is all it takes to bring life to a simple space. Look closely at how the wood flooring and furniture combine well with the wall. The white surfaces bring out the intensity of the teal and give the place an invigorating feel.

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