Are you the type to have a console table near the front door with a bowl or some kind of container on it where you put your car and house keys the moment you step into your home? Or are you the type who in the mornings run around the house like a headless chicken as you prepare yourself (and your kids) for the day ahead, and when it’s time to leave, you impatiently dig into your oversized purse or office bag to look for your keys?

Of course with the quarantine, you may be one of the lucky ones who work from home now. In that case, you just need to change your night pajamas into day pajamas with a nice-looking top (like a tee that doesn’t look ratty) which can pass off as “office” wear. So, if you’re not leaving your home anytime soon, you can just skip this whole post.

Still here? Ok, great! Watch Kriz make a faux concrete key holder using creative dabs of paint in the video below.

You might ask, why would I want a concrete-looking kind of key holder anyways? If you asked that, you could just paint it like usual. Watch Carlo’s tutorial on how he painted his wooden coasters.

But if you want that faux concrete effect for your industrial style home, then you’re reading the right blog post. It’s cheap and easier than making something concrete, which also takes more time. We’ve got loads of those kinds of video tutorials too, just in case you are interested.

Watch the episodes of the Concrete Couple.

The Impact of Concrete in Interiors

Krafty Kriz: How to Make Your Faux Concrete Key Holder | MyBoysen

Concrete is a very distinctive material to use in home interiors. Not everyone would like to have this raw and edgy vibe to home interiors. But it is very contemporary still, despite trending more than a decade ago.

It gives a room instant impact because of the texture and the matte finish. It can be very striking if it is beautifully finished. Boysen has Konstrukt Skimcoat if you want to add this kind of visual weight to your space. Concrete walls are a focal point. High-end, design furniture look great with this finish. But so do traditional Filipino furniture with solihiya for example.

If you want something like the warm, modern vibe found in the kitchen above, combining this kind of wall with warm wood and steel gives an industrial charm to the space.

Color Swatches that are Perfect for the Concrete Look

Krafty Kriz: How to Make Your Faux Concrete Key Holder

These paint color swatches would go perfectly with concrete. Consider the 60-30-10 rule of interior designers when it comes to choosing colors in interior spaces.

Krafty Kriz: How to Make Your Faux Concrete Key Holder | MyBoysen

This bedroom is a study in grays, which is actually good for the purpose of rest, peace and quiet. It does not look cold because of the textures of the bed linens and pillows, and the wall itself. This has a more modern vibe than the industrial charm of the kitchen above.

Personally, I prefer a little deviation in color tones, like in this bathroom below.


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I find the balance of light and shade in this bathroom more appealing than the monotones of the bedroom. The warm browns of the weaves and vanity counter complements the concrete walls and bathtub.  The whites of the ceiling and curtains bring a softness to the space. Patterns and textures from the tiles, weaves and lamps add depth and interest.

Key Takeaway

If you want to have a faux concrete finish using paint and you’ve never tried it before, start with a small object like the key holder of Kriz, or some scrap wood if available. If you are feeling more ambitious, experiment with a small wall in a room which you may be using as a bodega for those things that “you may use in the future”. Have you ever heard of Mari Kondo?

If you want the finish of Konstruct Skimcoat, it’s better to call in the experts. For any questions about this product, or any Boysen product, call our Technical team at (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours. Alternatively, you can email your questions to



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