Because life can get stressful, grown-ups like to treat themselves to a drink or two every so often. If you feel like you’re due a tall glass, try out this quiz to help you decide what to get. You know, just to mix things up a bit from your usual! You’ll get a color palette at the end together with your results too, just in case you want a side of inspiration to go with your order.

Drink responsibly!

What’s your goal for happy hour?

Pick a drinking activity.

Pick a drinking spot.

Choose a drink garnish.

What song is playing in the background?

Choose a snack to go with your drink.

What time does happy hour end?

Pick a hangover cure.

All 8 questions completed!

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Drink responsibly!

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Now you’re all set for the weekend! Have a good time and don’t forget to drink responsibly!

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Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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