Planning your wedding but still don’t have a theme in mind? Try Autumn! It goes hand-in-hand with that rustic vibe but highlights deeper, moodier colors like orange and red. Plotting out your wedding moodboard can get a little overwhelming. So, here are some pegs that we whipped up together for you as a springboard. It’s complete with colors, of course!


You can save up on event styling if you manage to book a venue that’s already rustic in design. Make a short list of venues that have a lot of nature and foliage. Bonus points if the place has a good sunset view! It adds to the cozy vibes of an autumn-themed wedding.


Limited to hotel receptions? No worries! You can still achieve that cozy autumn look with styling! Fresh flowers are still a nice luxury to have for weddings. But for this theme, sometimes it’s best to go with dried flowers (or a mix of both!). Pick florals in shades of burnt orange, deep red, and mix in some dried leaves for that added effect!


Do you know what’s great about getting dried flowers for your wedding bouquet instead of fresh? You don’t need to worry about preserving it right after! Place your bouquet in a nice vase and make it a key centerpiece in your home. It’ll serve as a reminder on the amazing wedding you had.


Your best girls deserve to be best dressed! Go for burnt orange or burgundy as the main color scheme of their bridesmaid dresses. Don’t forget to tie the look together with a dried flower bouquet for each and every one of them!

Autumn Wedding Color Palette

Wedding Color Palettes: Autumn Affair | MyBoysen

We’ve whipped up a simple color scheme that you can use as reference from bouquets, entourage dresses, reception styling, and invites! Stick to any of these colors or mix and match a couple of hues to add more depth to your wedding design.

In the process of building your dream home, too? Why not try this color palette as well! Create an accent wall in your living space with any of these shades and hang up your wedding portraits and memorabilia there.

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