When we think of colors in a kitchen, the first images that come to mind are of wooden and marble accents, glossy and stainless steel finishes, and colors in white and shades of gray. Go-to elements are classics for a reason—they’re hard to go wrong and work well in a lot of situations. But, because they’re used over and over again, it can get repetitive. Stand out from the crowd and go for unexpected kitchen colors.

Just because it’s not typical, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Ranging from pastel to vibrant, this blog post will show you how bold and soft colors can work in a kitchen whether as wall paint or accent. Check it out:


Match your sunshine personality with a kitchen that has splashes of bold yellow. Yellow adds warmth and brightness to any space and it’s not just because of its hue. Yellow reflects large amounts of light—great for spaces that are dark or dull. As you can see in the photo above, it goes well with gray to give a sophisticated, modern look.

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Sometimes, however, yellow can be a lot for the eyes especially when overdone. So, it’s best to be thoughtful about where you would like it in your kitchen. In a small area, try painting just a portion of a wall with yellow, like in the photo above, and emphasizing it further with cutlery and kitchen appliances in the same hue.

Shades of Blue

Light Blue

To those a little more cautious about straying from tried and tested kitchen colors, I understand! Bold colors are a commitment. If this is you, why not try splashes of more subdued, but still very pretty, colors around the kitchen? Take inspiration from the one above with its patterned light blue backsplash and darker blue kitchen island. It looks cozy and chic thanks to its wooden counters too.

Classic Blue

The caption of this Instagram post isn’t lying. Nearly all shades of blue pair well with classic kitchen elements. This particular combination of gray and blue feels fresh and relaxing—like a breezy day at the park.

Dark Blue

For those who like dark colors, a darker blue is a good option and alternative to black. When using this shade, try and keep all your other kitchen items in lighter colors to add contrast, depth, and warmth. A few plants are most welcome as well.


Did you know red is believed to be a color that stimulates appetites? Aside from being eye-catching and distinctive, it could be why a lot of fast food joints use red in their color schemes. Bright red might be too much for a home kitchen color but variations of it can be stunning like this red-violet. Try a matte finish to complement glossy countertops and white cabinets.

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For color that you can have on your walls without it being overwhelming, consider pastel purple. With its relaxing look and feel, it still makes a statement without being over the top. Try having pops of yellow and green in the space and watch your kitchen come alive.

Colors in Combination

You don’t have to be constrained with just having one color either. Here’s a pastel wonderland of a kitchen that reminds me of soft, sweet marshmallows and cotton candy. Try this too by having your backsplash in a color that complements your kitchen wall. Decide on a color palette and stick with it. See how the blue fridge and hanging cups complete the look of this kitchen.

Color lovers, you can even go beyond the kitchen. Don’t you love how this compact home made excellent use of its walls? The salmon pink of the kitchen separates the food prep and dining area beautifully from the rest of the home. And, being next to the adjacent teal wall gives it even more impact.

Easy Clean, Antibacterial Paint for Your Kitchen

Choose kitchen paint with care. As kitchens are no strangers to splashes and spills, you want walls that you can easily wipe clean and are resistant to stains.

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One good option is Virtuoso Silk Touch paint, which comes in a matte finish, as it’s formulated with Teflon surface technology (yes, the one in your pans!). This makes it harder for oil and dirt to stick to it while still maintaining a luxurious silk finish that’s smooth to the touch. It’s antibacterial as well so it protects your walls from bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. If you’re planning to DIY your kitchen, no need to worry as this paint’s low-odor, low-VOC, and lead-free.

For more kitchen color ideas, check out the Kitchen Paint Ideas section of Let It B. You can also head over to Painting Tips for helpful guides and tips on painting at home. When you finish with your kitchen, tag us on Instagram (@boysenpaintsphilippines) so we can see how you play with colors!


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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