There are four color palettes in Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 called FLOURISH. These paint color palettes are Breathe, Move, Bloom (click on the links to know more about each palette), and Live. Each palette has six colors, or a total of 24 fresh paint colors launched this year. The Live color palette has a calming power that can induce a cool and restful feeling for anyone entering the home.

The Colors of the Live Palette

Why calming? The cool colors of grey, green and blue comprise most of the palette. A lone red orange hue completes it; a perfect hue to amp up the energy and give the space an unexpected shot of excitement.

This versatile palette can be used in many different interior styles. It can make your home look stately, modern, classical, young, even playful, depending on how the colors are used and which color is chosen as the primary one.

Color Trend 2022/23: Live Color Palette | MyBoysen

This bedroom is casual, modern, and light. Use the lighter colors like Silver Streak or Mellow Mint on the walls. Use the other colors in the furniture and furnishings. The bright orange table lamp lifts the mood of the place and makes the bedroom look interesting. Wicker furniture or mid-century modern furniture gives a nod to the Scandi style.

Color Trend 2022/23: Live Color Palette | MyBoysen

Why not echo the lamp color on your dining room wall? It’s bright and breezy, giving the open space a young and playful vibe. Choose light colors for the ceiling and floor. Crisp white furniture add to the happy ambience. Plant lovers would enjoy finding the right shade of green foliage to make the place even more welcoming.

Discover the Live Palette

Although white still rules in many Pinoy homeowners’ minds, and Scandi interior design is still very much the darling for home interiors, the Live palette invites you to explore another kind of aesthetic. This palette is a gentle way to enter the world of colors. There are three light hues you can choose from—Silver Streak, Cool Tides, and Mellow MInt—to paint on most of your wall surfaces. Then you can select one of the other three darker colors—Hidden Oasis, Marine Sanctuary, and Sahara Sunset—to paint on an accent wall or an awkward space that you’d like to prettify. However, if you’re feeling particularly bold, you can also turn it around by choosing one of the darker paints to use on your walls. That would certainly make your home unique in a world of whites and light neutrals.

Here are two posts that can help you get going with choosing paint colors other than white or other skin tones. The first one is about the trend Colorful Minimalism, an offshoot of the Scandinavian interior style. The second post is How to Make a Room More “Maaliwalas”. Both articles have some tips on how you can use color in your home.

For more inspiration, visit the Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 website to see more photos of interiors using the Live palette. You can also download the brochure found in that link.

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