Imagine this: it’s one of those lazy days when you just sit around the house and do nothing. It’s your day off. You receive a call from one of your closest friends inviting you to a spontaneous road trip with nothing but each other’s company. The sun is shining bright but you were brighter. You roll down the car window and let the fresh air tousle your hair and all your inhibitions are blown away. It is the perfect getaway.

On the car stereo plays your favorite song on loop. Your heart is beating fast but you were at peace. This is where calm and adventure coincide.  As you drive through the twists and U-turns, you close your eyes and hope that you’ll never forget this feeling.

Boysen Beats Chill Mixtapes

As we navigate through the new normal, it’s hard to find moments of quietude. The uncertainty of everything makes us restless and unsettled. It’s reasonable, we are human. But sometimes, one call is all it takes to get yourself out of the slump, even for a little while. Now and again, you just need to let yourself get lost in good music and company.

Here we have playlist suggestions that you can listen to when you’re in the mood for fast food drive-throughs and chill or do-nothing afternoons. Dive into the soulful music of four of Boysen Beats’ best artists. Click the images to watch the episode.

Vincent Eco

Boysen Beats: License to Chill

On days when you just want to disappear and chase your own happiness, Vincent Eco will help you validate your feelings. His songs, matched with his stirring voice, will embrace you when you feel like you’ve had enough and just want to run away. Hush, fighter. It’s okay to put yourself above all the mundane things in this world if that’s what you need to survive the turmoil in your heart. Go file that vacation leave and enjoy the cold Tagaytay breeze. Remind yourself: your happiness is just as important as theirs.

Read more about Vincent Eco here.

Hannah Ysobel

Boysen Beats: License to Chill

Calm your spirit down and learn to enjoy the slow motions. Listening to Hannah Ysobel’s songs will make you feel like someone pressed the pause button so you can appreciate the beauty of life at a turtle’s pace, just so you won’t miss the important things. I can imagine drowning in her calming voice on a Monday afternoon, on my way home. The traffic slows everything down but instead of rolling my eyes, her songs remind me that despite the roadblocks, eventually, I’ll get there. I’ll get home.

Inky de Dios

Boysen Beats: License to Chill

Missing the chill nights out with your girls before the pandemic hit us hard? So do I. Lend Inky de Dios your ear and enjoy some good vibrations to get your mind off the canceled plans. His music is perfect for late-night shenanigans, like when you and your housemates were right outside your gate, grilling samgyupsal, each with vodka in hand. Or it could be the time you were coming home from a road trip with friends whom you hadn’t seen in the last 2 months. The street lamps illuminated your faces as his songs played in the background while you all reminisced about the best times you shared.

Mae Janelle

Boysen Beats: License to Chill

Mae Janelle’s music is the calm after the storm. After the sleepless nights and the confusion, listening to her songs on a Sunday morning—a little bit sober from last night’s beautiful mess on the road—is a glimmer of hope for the hopeless. Her lyrics are honest and comforting. It’s like finishing a warm bowl of soup to relieve a hangover. Her bright and sunny personality bleeds through her music, as she constantly reminds her listeners to have courage because soon the sun will rise and everyone can start all over again.

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