Rolling pins are not only used for flattening dough in making bread, cakes, cookies and pies. Watch this video tutorial on how to use a rolling pin for stamping a design on your walls.

We made two other video tutorials using kitchen tools or scrap cardboard as stamping materials:

Making a turtle wall paint design using a potato masher
Simple line design using a round cookie cutter

Another DIY video tutorial that uses the stamping technique is using a styrofoam stamp of a coffee press.

Painting Wall Designs Using the Stamping Technique

Stamping has been around for a very long time. They used to seal letters with wax and a stamp in the Middle Ages (from the 500-1500 CE). People knew if a letter was tampered with when the seal was broken. But the stamping technique was used even before that in ancient Mesopotamia, or around 4000 BCE. There are references to seals in the Bible’s Old Testament. Fast forward to today and you see the ubiquitous use of the rubber stamping of official documents.

Stamps are used for patterns and that’s how it works with our feather design. The rolling pin is used to load the rubber foam feather designs with ink and then to roll the stamp on the wall instead of a brush.

Light Warm Neutrals

The paint used in the video are from Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex in the colors BCP-0166 Pastel Day and BCP-0172 Chasm. Both are neutrals in the family brown.

Warm neutrals are a favorite for many homeowners. Today, with the natural and organic trend rising in popularity, we expect more people to embrace this aesthetic. It is not surprising therefore, that the following mood boards found in the posts below have garnered a lot of interest.

#FromHousetoHome: Boysen’s Accent Wall Paint Ideas

If You Don’t Like White, Try Skin Tones

Use the Neutral Shades of Nature as Inspiration for Your Home Colors

Light neutrals are a good alternative if you don’t want to use white for your home. These neutrals give a warmer feel compared to stark white paint. For those who love the minimalist design, light neutral colors can still give you that aesthetic. In our tropical isles where sunlight is abundant, white paint on surfaces is not as necessary as a source of reflected light as compared to living in Scandinavia, for example. where they experience long dark winters.

Boysen Permacoat

Boysen Permacoat is one of the favorites of our customers.  It is a water-based 100% acrylic latex paint that hides flaws and imperfections on walls exceptionally well.  Fewer coats are needed to finish painting jobs, which lasts longer than other brands. In other words, using Boysen Permacoat will save a lot on time, effort, worry, and money. Let it B - Product Hightlight: Permacoat

In fact, the all-time favorite Boysen paint is Boysen Tulle White. With the popularity of Scandinavian design, the demand is even greater now.

For more about Boysen white paint, read #TeamPuti.

More Video Tutorials

There are now so many video tutorials available in our YouTube channel. If you are a DIYer, do go visit and subscribe to our channel so you can be updated every time we make a fresh drop. From technical videos that give clear and easy-to-follow instructions on surface preparation, on color theory, up to painting your chosen color, we have the visual aids to help you with your DIY painting projects.


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