Bea is at it again. She’s testing more paint hacks found on the internet. What works and what doesn’t?

In this video, these are the paint hacks that she is testing:

  1. applying silicone on paper tape and painting over to create clean lines
  2. separate bristles of paint brush with tape to create a smaller paint brush
  3. get rid of lint on paint rollers with tape
  4. use butter to mask the parts that you don’t want paint on

See for yourself what hacks Bea gave a yea or nay!

So what are other videos from Bea that shows painting hacks that she saw on the internet and wanted to test? Just click on an image to get you to the blog post.

First Hacks Tested by Bea

Bea Checks Out Internet Paint Hacks

  1. paint brush hack – how to hang your used paint brush on the inner rim of your paint can
  2. transfer paint from your can to a plastic bottle – will it work? watch the video.
  3. credit card trick – attach a credit card on your paint roller to avoid painting an adjacent wall
  4. paint-loading brush – if you want to save time by skipping dipping your brush into the paint, but will it work?

Hacks on Cleaning Your Paint Brush

Cleaning Paintbrush Hacks (VIDEO)

  1. clean the brush in a bowl of warm water and dish soap, then brush or comb out the stubborn dried paint that didn’t dissolve in the water and soap mix
  2. put a dryer sheet in a basin of warm water (not HOT!) then put the unwashed brush on top of the dryer sheet and leave to soak
  3. warm up some vinegar, put it in a bottle, soak the brush, then comb out the dried paint using a fork
  4. whack the hardened bristles with a hammer, then brush out the dried paint from the bristles

Did any of the hacks work? Watch the video.

Hacks on Rust Removal

Hacks on Rust Removal

Remember Bea saying while she tested the butter hack in this latest video that she did not have a good experience with using food items in hacks?  It’s because she had a dismal experience when she tested hacks on rust removal that used vinegar, lemon, potato + salt, and ketchup. But you know, sometimes one is in for a surprise, and the butter hack is one of them.

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