2021 feels like it’s just an extension of 2020. We’re still mostly stuck indoors. I’m getting a little bit claustrophobic, honestly. It means I’m afraid of Santa Claus. Ho ho ho! I feel like I haven’t had a full breath of fresh air in a while. I miss going out and about without fearing for my life. But, we must stay indoors as much as possible. One thing about being cooped up all day though is that my allergies keep acting up. The air inside is too stuffy. So, to help both you and I, I’ve wrangled up some top tips on how to clean the air at home.

Pop Open a Window

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Sometimes, it’s as easy as opening a couple of windows here and there to bring in a nice, cool breeze in your home. Don’t forget to use a window screen. We only want fresh air in the house, not mosquitoes. If your door has this option too, even better! Open all of them! But what if you live in a very closed off area?

Get Air-Purifying Plants

Get Clean Air at Home | MyBoysen

NASA actually did a study a while back on what plants can help filter air indoors. It was for maintaining the air quality in their space stations. While your house might not be circling outer space, it still needs all the air-filtering help it can get! Their study includes plants such as the snake plant, the spider plant, and the cornstalk dracaena. Plants that are easy to find locally!

Invest in an Air Purifier

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Instead of getting plants to help clean the air at home, I actually invested in an air purifier. Why? For the simple reason that I cannot, for the life of me, keep plants alive. So, I just skipped the struggle and the heartache and opted for a purifier that doesn’t need love and care. If it’s a bit too expensive, you can just get the smaller ones that can be placed on your work desk or bedside table.

Use Natural Based Cleansers

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Nothing is worse than getting a lung full of commercial cleaning aerosols. It’s like you can taste the way it smells. Yes, getting them off the shelves is quite convenient. But, did you know that you can also get some cleaning done with just vinegar? Maybe some baking soda on some tough grime. You don’t need to nuke your house with chemicals just to get the job done.

Clean your Fans

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Take a good look at your bedroom fan. I bet you there is a fine layer of dust clinging on to the inner blades. Unplug the appliance and pop open the outer cage and give it a good wipe down. The same goes for your air conditioning units! When was the last time you cleaned it?


Get Clean Air at Home | MyBoysen

If you’re planning a home renovation any time soon, consider getting products that are low-VOC. As a concrete primer, we definitely recommend EcoPrimer. For minor surface imperfections, cover them up with some Boysen Masonry Putty. And finally, as a topcoat, you can use Permacoat Latex Paints, Healthy Home, or Virtuoso Silk Touch. All these products are certified to be low-VOC with the Indoor Advantage Gold for Building Materials.

Repaint, Again!

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Yeah, I know we’re stuck indoors. But that doesn’t mean we have to forget about our house’s exteriors. We need that breath of fresh air when we step out to get our daily online deliveries. He he. In all seriousness, the outside needs as much help as the inside. For that, try BOYSEN KNOxOUT Air Cleaning Paint. It’s formulated with CristalActive photocatalytic technology that converts air pollution into harmless substances. Read more on how it works here!

Clean Air at Home

Get Clean Air at Home | MyBoysen

If you look at the grand scheme of things, your home is not just limited to the four walls of your house. The entire planet is your home! The problems we face are not just limited to air pollution, as you may already be fully aware of. There are a ton of ways to do your share. These are just some tips and tricks that can help you, and the world we live in. 

Want to know more about our products that are healthier for you and the environment? Read more about them here or send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. Let us all do our part in making sure we become proper stewards for the resources that we have.


Inah is an avid overplanner with a manic desire to organize everything. She dedicates most of her time and attention to her two chunky dogs, Prince and Peanut. If there's a bit of extra time on hand, she will spring clean her entire house.

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