Normal stuff. Nice life, cool flat, fun job. Someone to watch movies with.
(Killing Eve, 2018)

This is Villanelle’s answer when Agent Eve Polastri asked her what she really wants in life. I may not be an elusive high-profile assassin, but I relate to Villanelle’s dream. With a cool flat, I envision having a reading space and a home theater in my living space.

Make one of your biggest plot twists of the year. Transform a spare room into your home theater! Think about it: Unlimited bathroom breaks, fresh blankets, complete silence (no other people shamelessly chomping on chips). More importantly, you’ll always have the best seat in the house. That’s the comfort you’ll get when you have a movie room in your home. If you’re a film lover, this is a good investment.

A Shot in the Dark

Show-Stopping Painting Ideas for Your Home Theater | MyBoysen

Black is a predictable paint color for home theater. Film theaters’ walls are usually painted with black or other dark hues. With all the lights off, there’s no other visual distraction and viewers can focus only on the projector screen.

For this space, Spanish Twirl (V-30C) is our new black. The rich hue on the walls gives the space depth and makes the space feel intimate. The carpet also makes it feel more spacious and adds visual texture to the space.  It is glamorous yet warm. You can achieve the same warm and moody vibe for your viewing space by choosing other dark hues. Check out the mood board that we made to inspire you.

Show-Stopping Painting Ideas for Your Home Theater | MyBoysen

Whether you love popcorn movies or cerebral films (e.g. Christopher Nolan films, seriously, I’m still thinking about Interstellar), you can sit back and enjoy a film in your home theater. Here, you control everything—pause and play at any moment. If you’re looking for ways to legally watch Filipino movies for free, you can check out these films.

A Safe Movie Haven

Show-Stopping Painting Ideas for Your Home Theater | MyBoysen

Extra pillows, soft blankets, and a cup of hot chocolate—any film would feel more heartwarming in this space. While the walls are painted with a shade of white, you can enhance the character of the space by introducing furnishing that gives off warmth and home accessories that reflect your personality. If this style speaks to you, you can use light neutrals and warm accents to create a fresh and dreamy vibe for your entertainment room.

Show-Stopping Painting Ideas for Your Home Theater | MyBoysen

After a long day, you can come home to a comforting viewing space to watch feel-good movies.  Movies nourish our hearts, so pick the ones that make you feel better. The good thing about having your home theater is that you can play the same funny movie over and over again. If you’re that type of movie lover, follow this link to see some Filipino nostalgic films we curated.

Inspired to create your home theater? If you have someone to watch movies with but you can’t take them to the cinema this love month, try surprising them with your fun renovation! Get your paint colors by visiting a Boysen Mix and Match Station near you and start painting.

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Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.

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