Here’s a recap of the previous episodes of NEW YOU, NEW HUE, showing you the story of newlyweds Carol and Anthony. There are four painting ideas presented in these video tutorials, ways on how they made their first dwelling together a home sweet home.

These are the video tutorials of the four painting ideas you can follow:
DIY Shiplap Accent Wall
Folding Chair Makeover
Patchwork Coffee Table
Window Pane Mirror

Painting Ideas as Inspiration

Working together on a home renovation may bring a couple closer or can become a point of contention. If you embark on a project such as a DIY home renovation, it is best to start with a talk about how you want your house to look like – what interior style you are going for, what will you do, how will you do it, will you be asking for help from friends or family members, when will you do it, your budget – and agree on these things before you even start.

It would be a big help if both of you love to do physical work and get your hands dirty. Painting is an easy way to ease into home renovations. You get maximum impact for a much lower cost compared to other types of home makeovers. It’s also fairly easy to do. Painting walls and other things is going to be easier if you look at our video tutorials here. Also, there is a lot of  help you can find in this blog on the technicalities of painting using Boysen products.

To get you started, you can also browse through the hundreds of paint color inspirations that are available in this blog.

Building a Home

If you are in the lucky position of having the means to build a home together, that is exciting news. We have several posts that could help you find your footing.

1  Steps to Take When Buying Your Dream Home

Buying a home is a scary and exciting milestone event. If you want to know one decision process that you can follow, click here. The tips given here are for properties in the Philippines especially Manila.

2  Steps to Take When Creating Your Dream Home

This is the dreaming stage. Let your imagination flow freely. What interior design style appeals to you? How do you live your days? It’s best to have a frank and open talk with your partner about your dreams. Follow these steps.

3  Choose Your Build Partners

Modern Home

Click on A Contractor’s Point-of-View: A Guide to Building Your First Home. These are tips from an experienced contractor on what you should do when you finally decide on building a home. There are helpful questions that you need to answer for yourself before you choose your dream team – architect, contractor, interior designer and landscape artist.

4  A Change in Lifestyle

Life happens. You can’t predict how you are going to be living in ten years, or even five years, from now. Your circumstances may change like having children, change of work or workplace and many other things. Your dream home today may not be your dream home tomorrow. Read this blog post from a homeowner, if you’re going through a major transition.

More Webisodes

Here are the previous webisodes if you want to see more DIY painting ideas:

DIY Diva
Move on Max
I <3 Me
Carlo Comes Home
The Concrete Couple
Baby on Board
Boarding Boys
Bea’s BNB
Online Oliver
Honey Goes Healthy

You can watch all the webisodes here in the blog. But if you want to binge watch, go visit Studio B, subscribe and find all the videos under Boysen DIY!





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