Watch the video below to see how Anthony pimped up his mirror with a simple painting idea.

Anthony didn’t just get a ready-made mirror and hang it. He chose to make one from an old French window. There’s a little bit of carpentry work here but nothing too complicated. He chose Boysen Quick Drying Enamel Delft Blue to make the mirror match the shiplap accent wall, which is another great painting idea done by the newlyweds.

Mirrors as a Design Element

Using mirrors is one of the tricks of the trade used by interior designers or wannabe designers to make a room larger than it is. It’s also an ingenious technique to make a room lighter. Just position a mirror across a window, or adjacent to it, and then it can reflect the natural light coming in. You can also position a light source like a lamp in front of a mirror or beside it and you’ve got double the wattage, well almost. Great tip for earth lovers who want to save on energy, and also for those who want to save money period!

A mirror not only makes a room seem bigger or brighter, it also serves its primary function and that is to reflect whatever is in front of it. Having one in the entryway of the home is a good way, for example, to check that your OOTD is picture perfect before you walk out the front door.

Tip: Mirrors are both functional and decorative. Instead of having just one, try making a gallery of mirrors that go well together and make that as your wall decor!


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DIY Paint Ideas from the Newlyweds

There are other video tutorials on how Carol and Anthony slowly but surely decorated their nest. Follow their story in the following episodes.

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Painting 101

If you are seriously considering doing DIY projects for your own home, Painting 101 is the best place to start. Boysen made this video for people who want to enter the painting profession or for DIYers such as yourself. The video is easy to understand. It talks about painting systems, surface preparation, tools needed, and some common painting problems.

For this tutorial on the window pane mirror, read this link first on how you should prepare a wooden surface before repainting it. Better to be fully informed before you roll up your sleeves and follow the above tutorial from Anthony. Besides if you’ve been following this blog, you may have noticed by now that we’ve been very repetitive about the importance of surface preparation. That’s the secret to a gorgeous paint finish!

If you want to learn more, there’s always this blog. Use it as your own DIY painting bible. Not only will you learn about the technical aspects of painting, but you will also see so many color design inspirations to help you create with confidence a beautiful home for you and yours.

More Painting Ideas

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You can watch all the webisodes here in the blog. Just click on this link. But if you want to binge watch, go visit Studio B, subscribe and find all the videos under Boysen DIY!


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