Metal folding chairs are commonplace, but there’s a way to make them stand out. Watch another of Boysen’s painting ideas brought to you by Carol and Anthony.

Pep Up that Blah Folding Chair

A folding chair is functional and practical but it can also be dull and uninteresting. Its popularity has made it so common and ordinary. You can find it in schools, gyms, offices, churches, beaches, concerts, camp grounds, cafés (pop-up or otherwise), and many other places. It’s been around since forever, well 15th-13th BC, if Wikipedia is accurate. BC!

Well, we don’t want our homes to look like they belong to the times Before Christ, do we? So if you’ve got a folding chair or two lying around the house, don’t despair! We’ve got this folding chair makeover that is easy. You just need elbow grease, Boysen thinner, primer and Quick Drying Enamel paint, and you’re going to have attractive-looking chairs in no time.

Woman relaxing in her new chair

A Tough, Durable, and Beautiful Paint Finish on Wood or Metal

Tough, durable and beautiful is not an ordinary combination. But you can get it with Boysen Quick Drying Enamel. For the folding chair makeover, wifey chose Lemon Yellow which brings a ray of sunshine in the house.

Here are the available colors:

Boysen Quick Drying Enamel Colors

The secret to an excellent, long-lasting finished appearance aside from the quality of the paint is surface preparation. If you are not new to this blog, you’ve probably read this so many times. We cannot emphasize it enough so we’ve got a whole category devoted to surface preparation.  Painting tips and ideas are not complete without it.

If you are new to this blog and you really want to learn DIY painting, watch the Boysen Painting 101 video. There you will learn that you not only consider the type of paint and its color, you also have to consider the painting system, which includes surface preparation.

The Power of Textiles in Interior Design

Fabric on chair makeover

Carol and Anthony chose an abstract print with the color yellow to match the metal frame of the folding chair. The fabric has different light blues to go with the shiplap accent wall. The black color matches the back rest of the chair. The orange color of the print complements the light blues. This simple fabric covering the seat unifies the room basically because of its color palette.

Textiles help set the mood in a space. Think about it. The mood from fur is so different from silk or cotton or velvet. To match a shiplap accent wall, you can go for cotton or canvas.

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