These are the top 10 Boysen DIY video tutorials that you, our readers, were most interested to watch last year. Despite the pandemic, maybe you were already dreaming about making a home makeover or doing one during the quarantine. Whatever the reason, thanks for spending some time with us. We hope that we were able to help your mood somehow or at least get you interested in something other than Covid-19, and we hope to continue helping you in your DIY projects.

Here they are then, the top 10 Boysen DIY Video Tutorials of 2020, useful for those who are thinking of transforming their homes this year to lift up your spirits, to introduce improvements, or just to have something new and fresh to look at.

1   How to Make a Corner Shelf

Krafty Kriz is in 6 of our top 10 video tutorials of 2020. Understandable. She’s got such a bubbly personality and her tutorials are so easy to follow. That megawatt smile helps blow away the pandemic blues.

The post:

Krafty Kriz: How to Make a Corner Shelf

The video:

At number 1, this tutorial is about how to increase storage space especially in tiny condos. When floor space is at a premium, think of vertical space.

This corner shelf requires some carpentry so if you’re not very handy, then get someone to install it for you. Make sure that the brackets are strong enough to carry the weight of the objects you are thinking of putting on the shelf.

Read the post to get more tips on how to use dead space in your apartment.

2   Painting Terra Cotta Pots

The post:

Krafty Kriz: Painting Terra Cotta Pots

The video:

The number 2 DIY video tutorial came before its time. Even before the plantito/plantita craze, even before Covid-19 was discovered in our shores, and even before the quarantine, Kriz gave this video tutorial on how to paint terra cotta pots.

Many months later, we wrote another post about the pots, this time offering more terra cotta pot design inspirations.

In the first quarter of 2020, people were turning into gardening and planting as a way to relax or for food self-sufficiency. More people jumped in the bandwagon and it became a chichi activity. This time the objective was not for stress relief, mental health, or having the ability to meet food consumption. It became a sosyal affair and the demand for expensive and rare plants exploded. The need to connect with nature for health reasons became corrupted ? There’s nothing wrong with wanting rare plants in your home but please make sure that your consumerism does not encourage theft from other plant lovers or from our protected forests!

3   A Guide to Different Paint Finishes

The post:

Krafty Kriz: A Guide to Different Paint Finishes

The video:

While paint finish (whether it’s glossy or not) is largely dependent on taste, there is a rule of thumb in paint chemistry. It has everything to do with Pigment Volume Concentration, or PVC. The more the pigments a paint has, the less shiny it is. Or the more the binder the paint has, the more shiny it is. Just remember that the shinier or glossier the paint, the more durable it is.

To maximize the workability of the paint, consider your preference for the sheen as well as the surface you will paint it on. It really does matter. Look at the infographic in the post to guide you on what kind of paint you should get for different surfaces (walls, cabinets, hallways, ceilings, etc.).

4   Konstrukt Tutorials: A Guide to Skimcoat

The post:

Konstrukt Tutorials: A Guide to Skimcoat

The post:

Number 4 in the top 10 Boysen DIY video tutorials of 2020 goes by the name of Konstrukt.

Konstrukt is the line of Boysen that offers construction chemicals that are used to ensure excellent surface preparation. This is also the go-to line of contractors and developers to achieve a minimalistic, industrial look that works very well with high-end furnishings.

We just introduced the Konstrukt Lunar Series, which has nine different decorative finishes. So aside from Skimcoat that is shown in the above post, there are nine new ones for you to explore. We have introduced several finishes and will continue to do so in the next months for the rest.

This is not a DIY product because it needs expertise to apply the different finishes.

5   New You, New Hue

The post:

NEW YOU, NEW HUE, Episode 8: Summary and Costing

The video:

Watch this episode to see this newlywed’s DIY projects—shiplap accent wall, folding metal chair, patchwork coffee table, and a window pane mirror. What makes this interesting is that you will see an estimate cost for the different DIY projects, which the new couple did to make their new apartment a new home for both of them.

There are several DIY episodes in the Let it B YouTube Channel that show other DIY projects.

6   How to Make an Ombre Wall

The post:


The video:

I am amazed to see this DIY video tutorial in the top 10 list for 2020 because we made it in 2017.

Our first DIY series was about our DIY Diva Danica. In this episode, she shows how you paint an ombre wall. The trick is to use monotones (same color with different tones) for an ombre wall, and the dabbing technique to blur the edges of where the different tones meet so that the change from the deeper to lighter tone looks smooth.

To learn more about how to mix colors for tint and tone, click this link.

7   Shiplap Accent Wall

The post:

NEW YOU, NEW HUE, Episode 3: DIY Shiplap Accent Wall

The video:

The shiplap accent wall brings a rustic and cozy vibe into your space. Although the traditional shiplap is a series of grooved wooden boards joined together, you can also just do what this couple did, and put wooden boards horizontally one on top of the other. Paint the boards before you install them on the wall. Here the couple painted the walls blue, grey and white, and opted to have a distressed look to make it look weathered.


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A post shared by Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines)

Fixer uppers Chip and Joanna Gaines are fans of shiplap which they usually paint in one color, to use in their rustic-chic farmhouses.

8   6 Painting Hacks from Krafty Kriz

The post:

6 Painting Hacks from Krafty Kriz

The video:

This video about six painting hacks from Kriz show how to prepare your painting area so that clean-up will be a breeze,and how to use and take care of your tools.

For paint pros these are really basic stuff but these tips are very helpful for DIYers.

9   7 Steps to Prepare a Room for Painting

The post:

Krafty Kriz: 7 Steps to Prepare a Room for Painting

The video:

There are those people who think painting a room is as easy as 1-2-3. They are right. But preparing the space to be painted is important just like proper surface preparation is. The latter is to ensure an excellent painting job while the former is to ensure that the painting process and clean-up would be easier.

See this video tutorial as your cheat sheet to have an easy-breezy painting process.

10   Paint Your Wall with Bubble Wrap

The post:

Krafty Kriz: Paint Your Wall with Bubble Wrap

The video:

Number 10 on the list of top Boysen DIY Video Tutorials of 2020 is this whimsical way to paint your wall using bubble wrap. You end up with a cute patterned wall that would go very well in children’s rooms or a family room, or any place you’d like to feel fun and light. The post gives links to several tutorials that show novel ways of making a unique wall using out-of-the-box tools.

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