Yup, we’ve got a lot of painting hacks in this blog, and here are six more brought to you by Krafty Kriz.

  1. Remove Drips
  2. How to Paint Light Furniture
  3. Defuzz Rollers
  4. How to Remove Paint on Hands
  5. Clean Brushes
  6. Trim Crusty Paint Rollers

Remove Drips

If you didn’t cover your floor with old newspaper, a plastic sheet, or a drop cloth, then chances are you may have paint drips and splatters on your floor. It’s best to wipe these while still wet. However, if you don’t want to ruin your painting momentum, do clean your floor after you call it a day. Scraping or sanding may cause scratches on your floor so do be careful.

Better yet, prepare your room properly before painting.

How to Paint Light Furniture

If you’re painting a small piece of furniture, tip it over, then attach screws to the bottom of the legs. This ensures that the wet paint causes the furniture not to stick to whatever is underneath it. Of course, don’t put the furniture directly down on the floor or you will scratch the surface. When the paint dries, make sure to remove the screws.

Defuzz Rollers

Why? So as not to have funny lines, or even fibers and/or sediments, sticking to your painted surface. Better do this step before you dip the roller in paint.

How to Remove Paint on Hands

This tip only works for water-based paint. So if you are using that and you ended up with paint on your hands, wash and dry  your hands thoroughly first. Then grab some baby oil or mineral oil, soak a rag or cotton ball with it, then rub vigorously on those paint spots. Apply more oil when you see the paint lifting. After that, wash and dry your hands thoroughly again.

Clean Brushes

Again, this tip is for water-based paint. First try to get as much paint out of your brushes as you can by painting then over old rags or paper towels. Then mix a little bit of fabric softener in warm water. Dunk your used brushes in the water mixture and swirl them around. You will see the liquid turning into the color of your paint. Dry your brushes with old rags or paper towels, then scrunch up the bristles until they regain their original shape …. well, almost. This step will save you from buying new ones for your next painting job.

Trim Crusty Paint Rollers

If there are still bits of paint hardening on your rollers even after you’ve cleaned them, just get your scissors and trim those bits to remove them.

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