We had such a doozy 2020 that we deserve a pick me up to start the new year. One way to pamper ourselves and our families is to have a cozy home, and the best way to get a big bang for the buck is to paint our homes. Big impact for a little investment! Here are MyBoysen’s top 10 painting tips in 2020:

  1. How to use the Boysen Paint Calculator to estimate the amount of paint you would need
  2. How to achieve the Duco Paint Finish
  3. Know your Boysen Putty
  4. Surface prep for new concrete
  5. A guide to Skimcoat
  6. Boysen Metal Paints tutorial
  7. 6 painting hacks from Krafty Kriz
  8. 7 steps to prepare a room for painting from Krafty Kriz
  9. What is chalking?
  10. A guide to different paint finishes from Krafty Kriz

1.   The Boysen Paint Calculator

Paint Calculator: Estimate the Coverage and Amount of Paint You Would Need

First on the top 10 painting tips in 2020 is how to estimate the amount of paint you would need. This tutorial has been such a big help to our customers. There are three ways to know how much paint you would need for your project:

  1. Download the Boysen app
  2. Use the paint calculator available on the Boysen website
  3. Do it the manual way

Click on this link to learn more.

2.   How to Achieve the Duco Paint Finish

Boysen Tutorials: How to Achieve the Duco Paint Finish

The Duco finish is great for kitchen interiors. It gives surfaces a high gloss finish which makes light bounce around the room. Let the sunshine in this 2021! The visual effect is luxurious and more important, the Duco paint provides an excellent water barrier to your surfaces, which in a kitchen is very important.

The best painting tip we can give for the application of Duco Finish is to call in the experts to do this.

Read more by clicking on this link.

3.   Know Your Boysen Putty

Product Highlight: Know Your Boysen Putty

If you want your home to have smooth and flawless walls, then you have to do what models do when they put on makeup. Your walls need to have excellent surface preparation so that there are no imperfections when you finish with the topcoat.

Get to know more about the Boysen putty and perfectly prime your walls by clicking on this link.

4.   Surface Preparation for New Concrete

Surface Preparation: New Concrete

Surface preparation is the alpha and omega of painting, which is why this will always be part of any top ten painting tips. If you skip this essential step or do not follow it to the letter, you will have problems with your home surfaces in the future. That’s a given, unless you are a miracle worker or just plain lucky.

There are different surface preparation procedures from Boysen for the different surfaces which also change depending on whether you will be painting surfaces that have never been painted or if you will be repainting them. Another important thing to consider is whether the surface is an exterior or an interior one.

If you just want to read about the surface preparation for new concrete, click on the image above. But if you want to read about other surfaces, then click on this category.

5.   A Guide to Skimcoat

Konstrukt Tutorials: A Guide to Skimcoat

Konstrukt is a line of construction chemicals that Boysen has developed based on the demand from architects and interior designers several years ago for a hassle-free surface preparation. This helps bring down construction costs because application is easier and the product cures faster.

Because of the ongoing demand, as well as the continuing preference of end-consumers for the industrial interior style, the Konstrukt team has developed more finishes under the LUNAR series. We will be writing more about the different finishes of this series in the following months.

6.   Boysen Metal Paints Tutorial

Boysen Metal Paints Tutorial


This tutorial is also found in the 2019 list of top painting tips.

There is so much interest for metal paints, and this tutorial is one that gives you a clear overview of the process of painting metal surfaces, the Boysen primers and topcoats that you can use, as well as the frequently asked questions from our customers.

Since it’s a new year, it may be a good time to refurbish your metal gates. People say it’s good feng shui to have a spanking-new gate to welcome good luck into your homes. Watch the video in this link.

7.   6 painting hacks from Krafty Kriz

6 Painting Hacks from Krafty Kriz

Krafty Kriz has a lot of fans. The DIYers love her because she gives very clear instructions that are easy to follow, and she makes painting fun! And it is, especially when you see the results.

Most hacks that you will find in this post are about how to handle your tools. Take care of your things well and you can use them for your next DIY projects. Aside from that, she also gives tips on how to prepare things so that clean-up is easier and faster.

For more Krafty Kriz videos, click on this link. Better yet, subscribe to the MyBoysen YouTube channel to see all the videos that have been uploaded over the years.

8.   7 Steps to Prepare a Room for Painting from Krafty Kriz

Krafty Kriz: 7 Steps to Prepare a Room for Painting

This post is for the newbies because paint experts know these basic instructions by heart.

Click on the image above to see how you can prepare a room for painting. It’s more effort but if you do it right the first time, you will reap the benefits of a “new” room much sooner. If you do shortcuts, you may spend more time correcting your mistakes or cleaning up after your mess.

Click this link to learn more.

9.   What is Chalking?

Common Painting Problems: What is Chalking?

If you don’t follow the procedures for proper surface preparation, you will get painting problems. Our technical team receives so many inquiries about what to do with surfaces that are chalking, fading, flaking, cracking, and so on. This is why we came up with common painting problems and what to do to solve them.

Check our archives for the usual painting problems. If you need to talk to experts, please call (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours and talk to our Technical Team. You can also write an email to ask@myboysen.com.

10.   A Guide to Different Paint Finishes From Krafty Kriz

Krafty Kriz: A Guide to Different Paint Finishes

To round off our top painting tips in 2020 is Krafty Kriz with a guide to the different paint finishes of Boysen, which ranges from high gloss to flat. The paints come in different formulations and are for different parts of the house depending on use and location.

Read more about the pros and cons of the different finishes. The infographics are very helpful and easy to understand.

Click on this link and read the original post on paint finishes.

Key Takeaway

Make the effort to read up on the above top painting tips in 2020 if you are thinking of doing a DIY painting project in your home this year. These are very helpful tips that will help you have a smooth and easy process.

Take time to also read about the top painting tips in 2019. There are some things on the list that are the same as this list but there are also some that may be interesting for those of you who want to do more in designing your interiors.

Good luck with your DIY painting projects this year!


Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions (https://talkinglions.com). She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.

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