Let it B is replete with painting tips. If you follow the blog regularly, you will notice that we often give tips, advice, recommendations, even step-by-step guides on how to use paint, especially Boysen paint, to beautify your interiors and exteriors.

Top Painting Tips in 2019

According to our readers, these are the top painting tips in 2019. You can click on the photo to bring you to the post itself.

These tips are based on the most read articles about painting tips in 2019. Some of the posts may be from the previous years, but these are definitely still relevant.

The 60-30-10 Rule of Interior Designers

Borrow the 60-30-10 Rule of Interior Designers for Your DIY Painting
Borrow the 60-30-10 Rule of Interior Designers for Your DIY Painting

This is a design rule used by interior designers. You will be able to create a cohesive and balanced look in your room makeover with three colors. The trick is to remember the following ratio in painting your surfaces:

  • 60% comes from the dominant wall color and big furniture pieces,
  • 30% can be from accent furniture pieces, lighting or soft furnishings,
  • 10% are home accessories, textiles, patterns, or textures.

The 80-20 Rule in Interior Design

The 80-20 Rule in Interior Design
The 80-20 Rule in Interior Design

Whereas the 60-30-10 rule above is helpful for how you can combine colors in a space or for the wall paint design, the 80-20 rule is about how to combine architectural styles.

The 80-20 rule in interior design is a very good guideline to help you out if you are attracted to many different architectural styles. “As long as 80% of your interior is unified by the same style, period, or philosophy, you can deviate with the other 20% (Source: American Institute of Interior Design).” In other words, pin down your main interior style first before adding the other through your accent pieces.

See how it’s done with the examples given in the post. Click on photo to bring you to the article.

Surface Preparation of New Concrete

Surface Preparation: New Concrete
Surface Preparation: New Concrete

This is one of the popular posts in our tutorials. The reason is that most walls are made of concrete. Painting concrete for the first time and repainting it are handled differently.

If you’ve just moved in to a new home and would like a splash of color on your walls, read this first. You have to treat the surfaces properly first before painting it. This post will teach you how to do that with its step-by-step instructions.

Surface Preparation When Repainting Concrete

Surface Preparation: Repainting Concrete
Surface Preparation when Repainting Concrete

Surface preparation is the foundation of a good painting job. Without it, you will probably experience painting problems in the future. If you click on the photo to get to the post, you will notice that you would need to solve painting problems before you can proceed with repainting.

Once you’ve treated, cleaned, and dried off the surfaces, follow the recommended system of painting. Firstly, apply the primer on bare surfaces. Then, cover hairline cracks and minor surface imperfections with putty. Finally, apply the topcoat.

Go and watch our much-viewed Boysen Painting 101 to know more.

Boysen Metal Paints Tutorial

Boysen Metal Paints Tutorial
Boysen Metal Paints Tutorial

This is a comprehensive guide that can help you with painting metal surfaces. Think gates and roofs. It would be wonderful to give your home a makeover at the start of the year.

Painting is not about one product only. This is why at Boysen we talk about painting systems. Surface preparation is all important. Then you must make sure that the products you use are compatible, otherwise, you will experience problems in your painting job.

Click on the photo to bring you to the article. There are also answers to frequently asked questions from professional painters.

Boysen Plexibond Dos and Dont’s

Boysen Plexibond
Boysen Plexibond Dos and Dont’s

We also have a lot of inquiries about Boysen Plexibond. This will serve as the solution to your water leakage problems. You can use it on roof decks and firewalls provided that there is no existing paint or tiles.

Important! Boysen Plexibond is a specially formulated water-based acrylic polymer designed for mixing with Portland cement. 

We’ve had several inquiries about this and we want to emphasize that you can’t use Boysen Plexibond on its own. A 4 Liter can must be mixed adequately with a 6.5 to 7.5 kg cement.

Want to know more? Click on photo.

How to Paint Drywall Surfaces

Boysen Tutorial: How to Paint Drywall Surfaces
Boysen Tutorial: How to Paint Drywall Surfaces

Drywall is a construction material that is used to build ceilings, room dividers, and walls. It is not wood! Builders prefer using drywall panels for its many benefits, including being resistant to fire, moisture damage, and termites. You could spot drywall panels in a lot of modern Filipino homes, offices, and other buildings today.

Drywall manufacturers often recommend a paint type and installation process for a specific type of board depending on whether it’s for interior or exterior use. You have to reach out to a construction professional so they could properly install the drywall panels for you. Surface preparation is key so get experts to prepare your drywall surface for painting.

When you are at the point of choosing the topcoat, you can find the products we recommend in the article.

What is Chalking?

Common Painting Problems: What is Chalking?
Common Painting Problems: What is Chalking?

Our articles on common painting problems are some of the most read in this blog. The top post in this category is chalking because this is one of the most common problem that people encounter.

The term ‘chalking’ in painting refers to the deterioration of the paint system resulting to the appearance of a loose powdery substance on the wall. It is a natural process occurring commonly in old paints. But there are times when the paint chalks sooner than expected, listed below are the reasons why:

  • Sunlight hitting a surface for far longer than usual
  • Coastal environment that surrounds a painted building 
  • Use of darker colors of paint which absorbs more heat than the lighter ones

What can you do about it? Click on photo to read more.

What is Fading?

Common Painting Problems: What is Fading?
Common Painting Problems: What is Fading?

Second to chalking, the common painting problem fading doesn’t really need an explanation. You don’t even need to run your hand on the surface. Just with one look, you know that you need to repaint. But if the vintage look or the shabby chic look appeals to you, by all means, keep your wall the way it is.

Fading happens to surfaces that are exposed to sunlight for a long time. Fading usually happens to walls that experience chalking. You will see this often in coastal areas. Sea salts and atmospheric moisture create a corrosive environment that also adds to the rapid fading of the paint.

What can you do about it? Repaint. Before you do that, click on link to find out how you can prepare the surface properly.

How to Achieve the Duco Finish

Boysen Tutorial: How to Achieve the Duco Finish
Boysen Tutorial: How to Achieve the Duco Finish

The Duco finish is quite a stunner. This is especially a good technique to use for your kitchen shelves and cabinets. Not only does it brighten up the area because of its high glossy sheen, it also is very hard-wearing. Busy areas that need to withstand stain and heat are rooms that can benefit from this.

This is labor intensive and needs an expert hand. I would call in the experts for this.


There you go! Your top 10 painting tips for 2019 according to our readers!

If you want to know more, call (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours or write an email to ask@myboysen.com. Our technical experts are not only very competent, they are also friendly. Painting your way into a beautiful home will be a joy.


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