Infographics are a special breed of images in that they are visual and highly functional, explaining sometimes complicated ideas in pictures. A good infographic is effective when it tells in an instant the message it wants to convey. When dealing with paint and other Boysen products and processes, this could be difficult, especially if there is not just one message being expressed. But we get feedback from our readers as well as our collaborators in the company. There are 8 Let it B|MyBoysen blog infographics in 2021 that have earned this accolade. They are much appreciated by our readers, and also by our colleagues who use these infographics in their work with painters and other specifiers. Here are the top 8 blog infographics in 2021.

1.  Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

What is Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and why is this important? LRV measures a color’s absorption of reflection of light. In other words, it shows the percentage of light that a color reflects. This is important because when you choose a paint color, you should also consider the paint’s LRV. Architects and interior designers usually pick a paint color with an LRV of at least 50%. For darker rooms, they suggest to choose an LRV of 65% or higher.

Read more about LRV by clicking on this link.

2.  Painting Interior Wooden Walls

The Boysen Way: Wooden Walls | MyBoysen

Many Filipino homes use wooden walls. This infographic will show you what product family to use if you want to coat your walls with colored paint or if you want to stain them instead. At one glance, it can be immediately seen which products for surface preparation go with the topcoat you choose.

3.  Painting Exterior Wooden Walls

The Boysen Way: Wooden Walls | MyBoysen

If you will be painting wooden walls found outside the home, then you use this infographic. Again you can use paint to have color on your walls, or if you prefer a more organic look and want the wood to show, you can stain the surfaces. If you need a more durable coating, go for the Acrytex System.

But do read first The Boysen Way: Wooden Walls for a better understanding of what Boysen products are available for wood surfaces. Your choice of product would depend on the functionality of the product you prioritize.

4.  Painting Wooden Fixtures Found Inside the Home

Still on wood, this infographic zeroes in on painting wooden fixtures (furniture, cabinets, etc.) that you find inside your home. Since these fixtures are usually used a lot, Boysen recommends using its duco finish using the highly reflective and very durable Boysen Automotive Lacquer.

For more information, please go these links:
The Boysen Way: Wooden Fixtures
Duco Finish it with Boysen Automotive Lacquer

5.  Painting Interior Wooden Floors

The Boysen Way: Wooden Floors | MyBoysen

Wooden floors give interiors a warm, natural, and welcoming look. Wear and tear on floors is a given. To help make your wooden floor last, it would be good to protect it with the above products. There are also products available to protect wooden floor in your home exteriors. To learn more about the Boysen products, visit this link.

6.  Metal Roofings

The Boysen Way: Metal Roofs | Roofgard | MyBoysen

The roof over our head is just as important as the other surfaces in our home, if not more. January is certainly the time to give our roofs some attention before the rains come. The above infographic shows what product to use for a particular roofing material. What is important would be the products to be used for surface preparation. Click on this link about The Boysen Way: Metal Roofings to know more about how to take care of roofs.

Aside from Boysen Roofgard, there is the innovative, heat-reflective Boysen Cool Shades that not only protects your roof but also helps to keep your internal home temperature at a comfortable level and helps to keep your electricity bill down.

7.  Metal Floorings

The Boysen Way: Metal Floorings | MyBoysen

The Boysen Way: Metal Floorings apply to metal substrates such as steel, stainless steel, and galvanized iron. Metal floorings are not common for the average Filipino household but we prepared this post and infographic just in case it is something that our readers would find interesting.

8.  Area-Specific Painting Guides

How to Paint According to Where You Live: Area-Specific Painting Guides | MyBoysen

The functionality of the paint required by homeowners changes with the location of the home. This infographic shows the paint Boysen recommends for urban areas. However, your home may be located in high humidity, coastal, or high vegetation areas. Homes found in those types of areas need other types of paint. Please click on this link to go to the post about How to Paint According to Where You Live.

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