Choosing the right paint color for your space can be a fun but daunting experience. Armed with brochures, fandecks, and online sources, it can be overwhelming to look through hundreds, if not thousands, of colors. With tons of different house paint ideas at your fingerprints, where do you start?

What Color Psychology Says

Color psychology is a good place to start. Colors really do have a massive effect on us! Studies show that sleeping in a blue bedroom results in the longest and soundest sleep for most individuals. Yellow is cheerful and bright, but can be overstimulating to the senses. So, use this shade in moderation. White can be a clean slate but may feel too clinical. So, pair this well with accent walls (perhaps try a modern concrete look?).

Make it Personal

Color inspiration for house paint ideas can be found everywhere! How do we make the colors we choose personal? You can base it on some ancient (and not so ancient) references. We have some good leads for you, from colors based on your zodiac sign to your enneagram type!

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?  Birthstone-Inspired Boysen Paint Colors

? Boysen Lucky Colors for the Lunar New Year

?  The Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors

?  Color Inspirations According to Your Zodiac Sign

Brew yourself a hot cuppa and get ready to do some deep diving in the blog. We have tons of other house paint ideas for you to choose from!

Express Yourself with Colors

Pick the color that sparks the most joy in you. If you still can’t decide on the major color for your space, take a step back and look in the mirror. Check out your wardrobe. Take account of all your home’s furnishing. Sneak a peek in the rabbit hole of your Pinterest pins. What stands out? What color are you most drawn to? Aside from the Boysen color ideas here in the blog, you are a walking inspiration.

Choosing the right hue for you can be daunting, especially if you’re presented with a lot of options. Analysis paralysis is a real thing, people! If you’ve ever had trouble choosing an ice cream flavor in a creamery, you know what I mean. Still can’t decide? Well, we’ve narrowed the search down for you with Boysen Color Series.

Boysen Color Series

It’s a collection of Boysen’s top selling colors that’s available in either Permacoat Semi-Gloss or Flat Latex. They’re the tried and tested colors that a lot of people love. If it works for others, then hey, it might work for you, too!

Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Space | MyBoysen

Leaning towards Japandi, Scandinavian, or the Minimalist look? The Timeless Neutrals palette is perfect for your house paint ideas checklist. Just remember to pair this look with the warm notes of wood. Invest in pops of color to avoid making your space look like a clinic.

Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Space | MyBoysen

Blues and greens dominate this Urban Cools palette. If you need to full on veg out at home, choose cool blues and greens for your space. Greens are known to be a very healing color. On the other hand, blues can help you fully wind down after a hard day at work.

Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Space | MyBoysen

For areas in the home where you need a jolt of energy like your home office or gym, choose from our Embracing Warms palette. These invigorating shades are the perfect match for spaces where you need to get some work done!

More House Paint Ideas

If you’re looking for more choices, we’ve got another set of curated palettes for you. Check out Boysen Color Trend. Maybe you’ll find the right shade for you there. If you’ve finally picked the one for you. Let us know! Tag us on Instagram (@boysenpaintsphilippines) once you’re done with your repainting. Got any more questions? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help!


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