Thursday morning, I was so pumped up to write a new piece. I came to the office at 8 am (okay, it was 8:17), my coffee was done right – a spoonful of sugar, two actually, and three teaspoons of creamer for that milk with coffee taste. (While we’re on the topic of coffee, you might want to take this quiz.) The room temperature was just right and on my earphones played Lauv and LANY’s Mean It on repeat. Everything was going great until I checked my phone for notifications and messages, and there went an hour of scrolling and clicking on useless links. And for someone who’s supposed to write about painting ideas to boost productivity, I’m sure our readers will laugh at me.

I’m blaming our pink walls. Pro-tip: though pink can be soothing and comfortable in bedrooms and idle places where you relax, it can weaken the energy in an office environment where you need the drive to finish your daily tasks. Pink hypnotizes me, like the walls are lulling me to sleep. Or maybe I’m just making an excuse.

Going back to the original topic, further you will see painting ideas that can help you improve your concentration and boost your productivity (unlike the writer) so you can win at life!

Let’s Get the Work Done!

Aside from your office table situation, whether it be an OC paradise or a creative mess like my table at home, choosing the right colors for your study area or workspace can be the fine line that separates getting the job swiftly and putting it off till the deadline itself reminds you. It is probably the most basic thing that any DIYer should know, colors affect our moods and emotions more than you think they do. They influence the way we do things, and we can make them the excuse why we don’t perform optimally. Several studies have proven this point over and over again. Which is why it is important to pick the suitable paint colors based on your current line of work. Do you need to feed your creative side? Pick orange. Do you need brain stimulation to finish that report? Pick from the shades of blue.

Here, we have chosen three painting ideas to help you get the job done.

Blue Booster

Office Painting Ideas to Help You Get the Job Done

Blue, in general, is calming. We’ve said this before in our best version of hue blue a few posts back. It lowers down your blood pressure so you won’t get agitated even if it’s 4:30 pm and you have a deadline at 5 pm. Surrounding yourself with this color promotes a relaxing mood for you to assess everything that needs to be done. It helps improve your concentration. Now, move. You still have thirty minutes to ace this one!

Orange Vibrations

Office Painting Ideas to Help You Get the Job Done

Finding it hard to squeeze the creative juices out? Grab an orange. I mean orange paint. It is the ideal color for when you want to hype up your energy to work overtime. It gives you better focus and fires up your brain for that pinch of creativity you need to finish that storyboard. Choose the right hues if you don’t want your area to be too energetic. Click here to get a glimpse of the best version of the hue orange.

Grow with Green

Office Painting Ideas to Help You Get the Job Done

Refresh your mind every now and then to keep yourself from burning out. Green, being the color of nature, helps you calm your nerves and think from a different and better perspective. Having both the qualities of orange and blue, it is the most ideal to use in study areas and workspaces. Been staring at your laptop screen and thinking of how you can enhance your design? Look no further than your own walls. Learn about the best version of the hue green here.

Make your rest day productive by grabbing a brush and painting your space with these painting ideas and witness your productivity skyrocket. Oh, what time is it? It looks like it’s time for a promotion!

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Jess is a copywriter who brushes up on her paint knowledge daily. Together with Boysen professionals, she makes the technical stuff easier to digest. When she’s not writing, she searches the internet for the latest dessert bar.

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