You’re about to read an extremely scientific and serious article about Enneagram personality types. LOL! Just kidding! We made this purely for fun and to help you to know more about yourselves and find the right colors for your home. This might not be scientifically accurate and reliable—but hey, the color palettes are pretty.

There are nine Enneagram personality types so you’d have many Boysen paint colors to choose from. You can either read the descriptions to figure out which type best describes you or pick a color palette that appeals to you the most. We have a little bit of each type in us so don’t restrict yourself to a particular type. Have fun and meet some new colors that you could take home.

Boysen Paint Colors for the Reformer 

The Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Reformers always want to be better. Excellence is their motivation. They have a seemingly perfect life. These people are always organized and neat. Not a stain on their white pants or white sneakers. (I can’t relate.) Their homes are like that too, they don’t leave dirty dishes on the sink for hours. Off-white colors are perfect for them because they can always keep their houses spotless.

They hold themselves to impossibly high standards, so if you know a Type One, please offer to help them. Remind them that they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.

Boysen Paint Colors for the Helper

The Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Helpers are lifesavers! They’re the first people you think of and call when you’ve had a bad day or you’re in trouble. They like taking care of everyone. They just have this aura that makes you feel understood and appreciated. They’re like this muted color palette, comforting.

They like listening to you. They want to know what you’ve been up to, who you’re dating or who’s reacting excessively to your IG stories. They’re too caring borderline clingy. I wrote clingy because possessive is such a strong word, and I don’t want to offend the Helpers because they’re too good for this world and they deserve love.

If you’re a Type Two, here’s a reminder that you need to take care of yourself. You don’t have to tire yourself out just to be loved. Other people won’t always match the energy that you give them but that doesn’t mean that you’re any less.

Boysen Paint Colors for the Achiever

The Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Achievers have good grades, clear skin, fun hobbies, and loving partners. Oh, did I mention that they have eight to ten hours of sleep? They’re laser-focused individuals and this bullseye-like palette best describes them. They’re ruthless planners and they have a strong resolve to accomplish what’s on their to-do lists.

They’re ambitious and driven by success! They always strive to be the best because they crave words of affirmation. Underneath their intensity is their fear of being worthless. If you’re their loving partners, try to make them see that their worth shouldn’t come from external validation. Remind them that they’re loved and valued even if they fail. It’s normal to make mistakes and their flaws won’t define them. 

Boysen Paint Colors for the Individualist

The Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

 Individualists love to express themselves through art. They’re the creative types; they’re usually the artists or poets. They want to show the world how different they are by sharing their unique talents. They don’t like blending in and they fear being plain or ordinary. If they were a color, they would be this eye-catching color palette—bright and stimulating!

If you’re close with them, support their art, buy their zines, and subscribe to their Youtube channels. Remind them that they’re loved and accepted for who they are.

Boysen Paint Colors for the InvestigatorThe Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Take it apart to see how it works. Investigators believe in that saying. They like to analyze things and know more about everything in this world. They like to read and learn something new all the time. Their thirst for knowledge and understanding is insatiable. That’s why we put together deep colors for these deep thinkers.

Investigators are confident about their intelligence but fear the real world. They could be detached from reality and live in their own minds. If you’re close to them, make them feel like their insights are valuable. They can help solve our world’s problems but they have to be willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work. 

Boysen Paint Colors for the Loyalist

The Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

It takes time for Loyalists to warm up to people but once you get their trust, they’ll always be there for you. You can always count on them. They will become your ride or die. Wherever you go, they’ll follow you. Whatever choice you make, they’ll support you. They go to great lengths to show their loyalty because they fear being alone.

If you’re friends with a Type Six, please remind them they’re enough and they don’t have to erase a part of themselves to show their love. Give them space and encourage them to spend time alone. Hopefully, they’ll realize that being alone is not as bad as they think it is.

Boysen Paint Colors for the EnthusiastThe Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Enthusiasts have this uplifting presence that’s why people are drawn to them. They’re bright and cheerful as this color palette. They’re fun to be around because they always tell amazing jokes. They’re uninhibited and overexcited most of the time. Where do they even get all that positive energy? It’s five in the morning, keep it down. They haven’t even had their coffee yet their energy is off the charts.

Behind their fun-loving persona is the fear of missing out. They hate being limited and deprived of experience. They need to be reminded that they’re not missing out on anything and they’re enough.

Boysen Paint Colors for the Challenger

The Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Challengers are the leaders of the group. They know how to defend themselves and their tribe. They’re also eloquent and argumentative. You can’t win an argument with this Type.

Like this color palette, they have an intense and commanding presence. Some might see them as a little bit controlling. They like asserting themselves because they fear being weak and controlled. They want to appear strong so they could protect themselves and their loved ones. In their lowest points, they need to be reminded that not everyone they meet will hurt or control them. Even if other people betray them, their real friends are there to protect them. They don’t always have to be the strong one in the group, and they shouldn’t be ashamed of getting help.

Boysen Paint Colors for the Peacemaker

The Enneagram Types as Boysen Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Peacemakers have a reassuring presence, much like this soothing palette. They like to go with the flow and they get along with all the other Types. If you go out with them and you ask them where they want to eat, they’d probably say, “Anywhere, you decide.”

These gentle folks hate confrontations. They’re the type who would still be polite even if they find a cockroach in their soup. Heck, they might even feel guilty for raising their concern to the chef. They won’t say a thing even if they’re suffering or if they see something wrong because they fear losing connections. They’re always careful not to ruffle anyone’s feathers because they want to avoid conflict at all costs.

If you’re friends with them, remind them that their needs are important. Encourage them to trust their inner voice and express themselves. Sometimes, neutrality isn’t always a good thing. There will be moments when they’ll have to speak up for the things that they believe in.

What type do you think best describes you? What color palette did you choose? Let us know in the comments section.

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Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.

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